Leicester Music Staion, Radio2Funky Awarded FM License by Ofcom.

Leicester Music Staion, Radio2Funky Awarded FM License by Ofcom.om.

Radio2Funky has been awarded an FM License from Ofcom, as one of only two not-for-profit community radio stations across the country to receive licenses in a recent round of applications. The Leicester based urban music station is run by volunteers and local DJ’s and provides an ideal platform for artist development, as well as training for media based careers. It was set up by 2Funky Arts Director Vijay Mistry, in 2012 and has previously been operating as a very popular internet radio station.

Radio2Funky Director Vijay Mistry says: “This is an amazing development for our station and will complement the work of 2Funky Arts massively through linking in with events, artists and volunteers.”

Leicester is multi-cultural and youthful location, so Radio2Funky is a great fit as it is rooted in arts, culture and local city life. The station is a dynamic platform, serving mainly people aged 16-35 who are interested in urban music and arts. Radio2Funky caters for the musical tastes of Leicester’s diverse communities, particularly those of Black and minority ethnic origin. The station will cover a 5km radius; predominantly inner city.

The programming of the station reflects a local audience and provides opportunities for people living in Leicester to be part of the running of the station and its content. There is scope for helping young people acquire skills to enable them to have a future career in radio through research, presenting and tech-based volunteering.

The station will promote music and arts of Black & urban origin, while also welcoming other influences. The programme will include:

  • RE BOOT, a half hour show made by young people who are long-term unemployed, featuring locally produced music, careers advice for the creative industries and short discussions on relevant topics.
  • Tie-ins and live broadcasts from happenings such as Festival2Funky, Black History Month and open mic nights.
  • Opportunities for our DJ’s to play live to a crowd and simultaneously broadcast.
  • Slice of Life; a local news programme researched and presented by young volunteers.
  • Drive time & Breakfast weekday shows.
  • Specialist DJ led music shows for different genres (soul, reggae, hip hop, afrobeat, grime).
  • Audience interaction through phone ins, texts and tweets.

Radio2Funky champions home-grown talent and highlights local artists through integrating their music into our core station playlists, as well as having dedicated shows for emerging talent.

For more information on the programme and volunteering, please visit www.radio2funky.co.uk.

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