Warming Hearty Food At Bills Restaurant Leicester

Bill’s Leicester restaurant is located in Highcross, and whether it’s for a quick coffee, a relaxed supper or anything in between, it’s a great space to take time out from shopping. Open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between.

We opted for a dinner, and after being slightly put out by the fact they’d removed our favourite dish in favour for the Winter menu (the seabass FYI- can’t wait for that to come back in the Summer) we settled into our booths comfortably. The service was excellent, particularly our waitress who made us feel like we mattered, even though it was hevaing- something that seems to be a lost art on most. After a glass of wine, we perused the starters and tried to ignore our rumbling tummies. You can see the menu below and understand our difficulty in choosing something- it all sounded divine.

Menu Bills

Starters were halloumi and lemon squid, which were cooked to absolute perfection. Crispy, crunchy and not at all chewy as often calamari can be. It was delicious! We both opted for burgers, one Bill’s burger with extra guacamole and one buttermilk chicken burger with sweet potato fries. It’s not uncommon for places to do burgers nowadays, particularly fancy ‘gourmet’ burgers- they’re all the rage aren’t they?! And while the Bill’s burgers would definitely fall under this category, they’re certainly not a gimmick! They’re cooked well, and the buns are fresh and bouncy rather than flat and lacklastre.

The condiments you get with your meal are tasty and flavoured well, and while we were absolutely stuffed, we were most looking forward to pudding. This came in the form of lemon meringue pie cheesecake in a glass which was to die for and a sweet but not sickly treacle tart. We’ll definitely be heading back to Bills Restaurant Leicester, especially as we’ve heard great things about the breakfast menu!

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