Astral Gains, Paving the Future to A Healthy Body And mind.

Astral Gains, Paving the Future to A Healthy Body And mind.

Astral Gains is a concept created by two visionaries, Oliver Maitland and Alex Moisii, designed to champion the benefits of ancient secrets in modern day supplements.

Learning about how alternative supplements like Colloidal Gold can be beneficial for anyone that’s looking to improve any aspect of their life including health, spirituality and mindset.

The business was created following the founder’s own positive experience with their researched supplements to increase mental, and physical performance and after two long years of testing various alternatives and experiencing their effects, their first product – their Colloidal Gold potion – launched in 2017. Intrigued by Astral Gains we decided to give it a try the benefits for ourselves.

My life is somewhat hectic, writes SIXTY9 Magazines Lilith Hunt-Sheppard. In fact, some weeks I don’t know where I will be from each day to the next. This hectic lifestyle can take its toll and so when I read of the benefits of Astral Gains, I wanted to give it a try and see if the results work for myself.

My Astral Gains arrived a few days later, in a beautiful black box, emblazed in gold writing. Opening the box, it contains a month’s supply in a beautiful black and gold glass bottle with a little measuring cup to take your daily dose. The first thing that really struck me, as I took my dose on the first day was the lack of taste. As with many supplements or health products I generally find that they aren’t particularly easy on the palette, Astral Gains is quite the opposite. As I swilled the potion in my mouth, it instantly struck me that it doesn’t really taste of anything and was just like swilling water in my mouth.

Almost as soon as I started using Astral Gains, my sleep improved noticeably. I have always been more of a night owl than an early riser but as my sleep improved, so did waking up in the morning. I felt more energised and focussed through the day too. I am no longer sleeping when I commute and feel brighter for longer through the day.

We all have times in our lives when we are going through something particularly difficult. Astral Gains claims to also aid mental wellbeing as well as physical health. I can certainly say, in my case, I did find it to help me too. I haven’t got as stressed or felt the level of anxiety I have been living with for over twelve months. My mood feels calmer and less stressed out when something triggers a ‘down’ day. I find it easier to calm down if anxiety or stress levels rise too.

Three weeks in to my first month, I can safely say, I did not expect to feel the benefits as much as I have. Whether you want to take it to enhance your focus, aid your sleep, ease your anxiety or just for your general wellbeing Astral Gains is the product for you.

Visit the online at Astral Gains for more information.

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