We Attend The Big Screen Preview Of Ghost In A Shell, See What We Thought

We review Ghost In A Shell at a big screen preview.

If you haven’t seen the posters for Ghost In The Shell then you really do need to lift your head up from your smart phone. We sent SIXTY9°’s film writer Richard Doherty to a special preview of the sci-fi/drama/action film, based upon the Japanese Manga animation of the same name that is set to be the one to watch this Easter.

Set in a futuristic world which screams, in comparison, of more than a nod to the world featured in the classic film ‘Blade Runner’, Ghost In The Shell stars Scarlett Johansson in the lead role of…well, does she have a name or not ?  Who was she?  What happened to her?  Perhaps I should explain…

Our female protagonist is the combination of a human brain and advanced robotics, brought together after a set of tragic circumstances.  Seen as the next step in evolution and technological development she is quickly put to use for military means (because of course,  why wouldn’t you?).

After a particularly deadly mission, the setting and scenes from which bear a striking resemblance to certain scenes from ‘Kill Bill’, our heroine is drawn to ask more questions and as she digs deeper to find the culprits, it is her own world that begins to unravel.  Questions are asked not just by her bosses but also by herself, about herself.  Is her past what it appears to be?  Who is leading these attacks?

What follows is an inevitable finale of good versus evil but with a twist- who is good and who is evil?

This action-packed film is reminiscent of Blade Runner, Kill Bill and The Matrix so fans of these should enjoy but it’s fair to say that the main attraction of Ghost In The Shell is Ms Johansson herself thanks to some extremely…err…well tailored outfits. For a robot, she’s damned sexy even with the perplexed look that stays on her face for most of the film.  There are enough guns and fight scenes to keep the action-junkies happy and some really good effects.  There are even some dogs which, if you have a suspicious brain like me, will have you thinking “Are they real or robots too?”

I haven’t seen the original Manga animation so I can’t draw any comparisons against it but whilst it didn’t blow me away, Ghost In The Shell did definitely keep me entertained.  Not something I would usually say but…might be even better seen in 3D…perhaps?

Ghost In The Shell is released in UK cinemas 30th March.