Perfect Brows at Shavata Brow Studio at Harvery Nichols Birmingham

I don’t know about you but putting trust in a technician to achieve perfect brows can be a daunting experience.

So when the opportunity arrived in my inbox to receive a consultation and treatment from London’s Original Brow Guru, Shavata Singh at the Shavata Brow Studio at Harvey Nichols Birmingham, I would have been a fool to decline!

Tucked at the back of the luxury Mailbox store, the studio oozes the same style and sophisticated that Harvey Nichols boasts.

Greeted by the lovely Shavata and sitting down into the chair in front of the beautifully lit mirror, I instantly felt in safe hands. She asked a few questions to determine my lifestyle and what I would like my brows to look like. Having not had a brow appointment for a while, they were unruly and desperate need of some TLC and I was in perfect company.

To begin, my brows were tinted to accentuate the colour and then it was on to threading to define the shape. After a quick trim to tidy up, I was handed the mirror to see the results.

I couldn’t believe the results, my eyebrows complimented one another (As Shavata states “eyebrows are sisters not twins!”) and the tint gave me the illusion of a more filled in brow. Prior to the treatment, Shavata had identified that I had been filling them in slightly too high due to the growth above the brow. With revitalised brows, I can now see the desired shape and this will make the grooming and maintenance process quicker and easier!

Shavata’s three Top Tips


  1. Eyebrows should silently compliment a face and never be a feature, the feature is your eyes.
  2. You should never know where the makeup starts and where the hair stops – it’s all about blending.
  3. Great shaped eyebrows make the world of a difference – go at least once a year to get your brows professionally done.
top Tools
Brow Perfector, £24

Ideal for filling in sparse brows or for helping camouflage grey hairs

Arch Enhancer, £14

Discover a touch of magic with this luxurious light reflection pencil. By highlighting the arch below the eyebrow, your eyes will appear more open and more radiant, any time of day.

Heart Tweezers, £29

Hand finished in Switzerland. This fun and quirky design is a great compact size, complete with 5x magnifying mirror.

The Shavata Brow Studio was founded by London’s Original Brow Guru Shavata Singh, a favourite with celebrities and media, specialising in professional Brow Shaping, Brow & Lash Tinting, Lash Extensions, and award-winning beauty products, in over 20 locations nationwide.

The Shavata Brow Studio
Call 0121 616 6000 or pop in to the studio at Harvey Nichols, 31/32 Wharfside Street, Birmingham, B1 1RE.

Words: Francesca Arculeo

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