Block Tempting Content Online with the Temptation Blocker

Block Tempting Content Online with the Temptation Blocker

No longer limited to health and fitness-related pledges, the New Year’s resolutions we make are becoming increasingly diverse, as people seek to use the turn of the year as motivation to remove other vices from their lives too – whether it’s shopping online, browsing social media or incessantly following celebrity news. While the nature of people’s resolutions may be evolving over time, what isn’t changing is our tendency to break these pledges not long after making them – not helped by the fact that everywhere you now turn on the internet there exists the temptation to do just that.

To that end, the UK’s leading health and fitness group David Lloyd Clubs is this week launching ‘Temptation Blocker’ – a new online tool that lets users personalise their online world to match their New Year’s resolutions, by blocking any content or temptations they may have pledged to ban themselves from.

No matter whether your vice happens to be indulgent desserts, booze, coffee, clothes or Kim Kardashian, the Temptation Blocker has got you covered, keeping you on the straight and narrow to stick to your 2018 goals. So how does the new plug-in work?

Compatible with both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, those who download the plug-in will be given the option to select the tempting items they wish to rid from their digital world from five different categories.

  1. Help me stop spending money on…
  2. Help me stop being distracted by…
  3. Help me cut back on…
  4. Help me reduce my intake of…
  5. Help me avoid reading about…

For each section users will then be free to tick the particular vices they’ve pledged to give up for 2018: whether it’s ‘bread’, ‘takeaways’ or ‘chocolate’ for the intake section, ‘clothes’, ‘holidays’ or ‘make-up’ for the spending money category, ‘social media’, ‘reality TV’ or ‘football’ for the distracted section, or even Donald TrumpPiers Morgan or Kim Kardashian for the ‘avoid reading about’ category.

Once the plug-in has been enabled, the moment the user tries to search anything in Google related to one of their vices they’ve given up, or attempts to access a URL featuring a blocked key-word, they will be greeted with a ‘temptation blocked’ pop-up, completely shielding the tempting content and helping them stay true to their new year goals.

The Temptation Blocker arrives in the wake of a new study from David Lloyd Clubs that reveals the threat the internet poses to Britons in their efforts to stick to their 2018 goals. With the average Briton spending in excess of five hours browsing the internet each day, it is perhaps unsurprising to find over a third (35%) of those polled admitting that easy access to the web makes it more difficult than ever to stick to stick to their resolutions and over half (52%) admitting to regularly breaking their resolutions within the first two weeks of the year, meaning the introduction of the plug-in to help counter the trend couldn’t be more suitably timed.

Liz Bartlett at David Lloyd Clubs said: “Our research shows that while health and fitness pledges remain the most popular type of goals among Britons, more and more people are increasingly using the turn of the year as an opportunity to give up other forms of temptation from their lives as well – whether it’s a view to saving more money by shunning shopping or avoiding other sources of distraction. The internet undoubtedly has the potential to lead people astray when it comes to sticking to their resolutions, so we were keen to provide people with a unique new tool that is sure to be the perfect digital companion on your pathway to improved personal wellbeing in 2018.”

The Temptation Blocker, which is compatible with both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, is available to download now from

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