Experiencing 4Dx at Cineworld Birmingham Broad Street

Experiencing 4Dx at Cineworld Birmingham Broad Street

Looking for a new cinema experience? Then prepare to experience 4DX at Cineworld Cinema’s. The new technology is a step up from a standard or 3D showing of a film. We sent Richard Doherty to Cineworld at Birmingham Broad Street to try out the new 4DX experience, here is what he thought:

The premise is simple.  Take your standard blockbuster film, add 3D, then add moving seats, flashing lights, blasts of air, smells, water splashes and vibrations and you’ve got 4DX.

The film I saw in 4DX, was Marvel’s latest film, Doctor Strange, starring Benedict Cumberbatch in the title role. Cumberbatch adds his intense glare and thespian gravitas to what is an entertaining and at times humorous film; it’s like inception-meets- Marvel.  (In summary, go see it.)

Like any movie screening there are trailers promoting similar movies, which provided our first introduction to the 4DX experience.  Without expectation, the cinema filmed with laughter as the seats suddenly pitched and rolled, reminding us it wasn’t going to be your average popcorn- munching night out.

The film began and I was excited not only to see the film but also to experience the new 4DX technology.   The opening sequence of the film was somewhat new and encompassing that left me slightly confused. As the film progressed, the experience kicked in and we were immersed further into the film.

Where there were moments of intense action, the audience,  were tossed about, jets of air fired in our direction, use of lumbar simulations, water droplets and flashes of light which were used to stimulate us. It was all rather purposefully sense provoking and we truly got a feel to what was going on in the film.

For me personally there were some negatives. For example the blasts of air left me somewhat chilly and the smells to me smelt the same, was this intentional?  I’m not sure.  The wind effect, whilst very atmospheric, was so loud at one point that you couldn’t hear what the actors were saying unfortunately.

Having said this, the 4DX experience does turn the cinema into a multi-sensory event that will have you feeling like you were actually in the film.

If you’ve been to a theme park and ridden on a simulator ride then this has a very similar feel…only it goes on for a couple of hours, depending on the length of the film of course.

If you’re in need of something different to do with your kids/partner/date…it will certainly give you something to talk about afterwards!

Overall, I believe that the inclusion of 4DX experience can be made or broken by the film itself. When putting Doctor Strange and the 4DX experience together I felt like at times the experience slightly distracted from what was going on, but overall I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The 4DX experience is definitely something that you are going to have to try out for yourself and I would recommend you do.

You can experience 4DX at Cineworld, Birmingham Broad Street. For further information visit: https://www.cineworld.co.uk/4dx