Great Expectations: Six of the Midland’s hottest talents

Great Expectations: Six of the Midland's hottest talents
Kate Brinkworth


I have always been fascinated by stories & have a deep love of film which combines the two elements I thrive on the most: imagery and narrative” says artist Kate a graduate in Fine Art from Nottingham Trent University.

“I started to look in depth at the construction of a film: how do images go together to form a cohesive plot and originally used
film scenes to look into this but soon wanted to set up my own stills & I began to collect objects that would enable me to do this, dice, insects, cameras, letters, papers, anything I could find that had a sense of intrigue about it. I then played around with setting up small still lifes, lighting them differently, changing the focal point to emphasize a certain item and
then working these into paintings. I became more involved in the process of this, enjoying the translation of light into paint, the properties of pigments and the challenge of photorealism.


Seeing all the offerings of yoga wear available to women, Louis d’Origny and Jonty Hikmet wondered why guys didn’t have the same range of choice So they set about creating OHMME; a socially friendly, environmentally friendly and conscious company that is disrupting the male sportswear industry.

Having regularly practiced yoga but been unable to find clothing they wanted to wear, OHMME was born under the brief of style, movement and comfort. ‘Our fabrics are made with your body, and the planet, in mind. I took a lot of time really investigating sustainable fabrics, which are, for the majority, made from recycled polyester. This is much better for
the environment, in terms of the reduced waste and the  recycling of materials that already exist. Our fabrics feel cool, are sweat wicking and breathable, so they have all the benefits of great sportswear, with the bonuses of them being recycled and having a reduced environmental impact,’ explained
Louis. Having tried them we have to say the quality and the cut is exceptional.

The range includes hero products such as the dharma pants (£55), which are great for yoga, as they are perfectly fitted, totally flexible and breathable meaning no sweat patches. Team with the 8 limb Yoga Hoodie (£62) – we love the
thumb holes designed to keep your wrists and pulse points warm and help regulate your body


Folk-Americana group The Wandering Hearts are kicking of 2018 with their debut album Wild Silence, out on Decca Records.

The band– AJ, Chess, Tara and Tim – recently played Kings Heath’ The Hare & Hounds as A hometown gig for Brummies
Tara and Tim. Tara and her family moved to Edgbaston when she was a baby, later living in Moseley. She went to Edgbaston High and Sutton Coldfield Girls School and sang with the Birmingham Opera Company when she was a child, then the City of Birmingham Symphony Youth Chorus. Tim grew up in Droitwich Spa, attending Droitwich High School and the University of Wolverhampton.

Tara and Tim met at a charity gig and hit it of over their love of folk, Americana and vocal harmonies. Mutual friends introduced them to AJ and Chess and The Wandering
Hearts were born. Hearing how naturally their four voices blend together, it’s incredible they met almost by chance.


A #DMUglobal trip to Silicon Valley inspired final year Computer Science student Kate Lowe to set up Tech Us Together, a group designed to inform and educate graduates into what roles are actually available to them in the tech industry.

Kate Lowe explained “I went to university at 28 thinking I would become a “developer”, because that’s the only job title in tech I knew about. After going on an industry year placement and then to Silicon Valley, I realised there are so many different opportunities across technology that I had never heard of and I wanted to let others know about them too!”

TUT is designed to bring together people that want to know more about technology by holding Q&As with speakers that work across all areas of tech and not just the ones
you expect.

They go into schools, sharing industry experiences with students and inspire them to find out more about careers in technology.

Find out more at

tim fowler

Contemporary Fine Art graduate Tim Fowler’s paintings are recognisable images distorted with strong colour and abstract elements. “I try to capture something deeper, as opposed to literal representation.”

You may have seen Tim and his work at Leicester’s LCB Depot where he displayed himself and the creation of his artwork as an art installation in a work called Observe where he lived ‘observed’ in the building’s gallery space. Tim uses combinations of acrylic, enamel, gloss, spray paint, ink, graffiti paints, oil sticks and marker pens to create his work alongside techniques including using masking tape, stencilling, broken lines, flat colour, palette knife painting, mark making and the hardest technique – making mistakes.

Says Tim “I find making mistakes helps me to discover a new sense of direction with a painting, especially if I feel like I’ve hit a dead end with a particular piece.”


Having assisted photography legend Annie Leibowitz early in her career, Birmingham based Marta Kochanek is a multi – award Commercial and Fine Art Photographer.

Her creative talents were firstly expressed in the form of human sized sculptures as well as small and very detailed designs of perfume bottles she precisely shaped with a scalpel in her hand. It is where Marta’s attention to detail developed. Photography has become a medium that let’s Marta express her analytical observations, dreams and fantasies. Her never-ending fascination of people creates a field that she can fill with moody, thoughtful and eye-catching light.

She describers herself as annoyingly pedantic and brutally concentrated while she works to achieve her goals. Photography isn’t her job, it’s a ‘soul-feeder’ – in other words something that lets her breath.

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