Great Expectations – We Bring You The Creatives Making Waves In The Midlands.

As part of our Great Expectations we meet designer of Flare Clothing.

As part of our Great Expectations, we bring you the people to watch in the midlands right now. Today we meet the designer of Flare Clothing, taking the world of mountain biking by storm.

Hannah Myers – Flare Clothing.

Award winning designer Hannah Myers is on the road to success. At the age of 27, Hannah has taken the world of mountain bike attire by storm with her range at Flare Clothing Company.

Hannah’s inspiration to start Flare was triggered by a frustration that female mountain bikers did not have access to top of the range clothing that is often enjoyed by men in this sport. Hannah aimed to make a change and began to design her bespoke range of clothing and accessories, which has led her to great success. Last year at the Total Women’s Cycling Awards, Hannah’s designs came out on top as she achieved the Best Mountain Bike Clothing of 2016 prize.

As of last September, Flare Clothing has sold more than 7,000 items and recorded a £300,000 turnover. Impressive if you ask us!