Top tips for surviving your work’s Christmas party

Top tips for surviving your work’s Christmas party

Christmas is coming and whether you’re a lover or a hater, there’s no getting away from it. Reports have shown that more than a third of us bear some resentment towards the annual festivities, but whether we like it or not, Christmas, and all the parties it brings, are a part of the December parcel.

Here, Michelle Clarke, senior events manager at Marriott Breadsall Priory Hotel and Country Club, shares her advice on making the most of the Christmas party season (even if you would rather be curled up in a duvet watching trash TV).


Many see an open bar as a challenge to rise to, but in the presence of your colleagues and superiors, it’s probably not the best idea to try and prove your stamina.  You may well be able to hold your fair share of shots and spirits, or drink your colleagues under the table, but your work’s Christmas party isn’t the place to show off that skill. Pace yourself. You’re already in for a long night. The best approach is to eat beforehand and have one soft drink to every alcoholic one – you’ll thank yourself in the morning, and you’ll avoid being the subject of office whispers come Monday morning.


Christmas parties provide a great opportunity to properly get to know the people you spend so much of your waking day with. Who knows? Martin from Marketing may just have some intel that can breathe a new lease of life into that gardening project you’ve been struggling with.

However, it’s important to remember that this isn’t a night out on the lash with your best mates, so your idea of friendly banter may well end in serious talks with HR before you’ve even managed to finish your Monday morning brew. No matter how social the situation is, your conduct still reflects on, and affects, your professional credibility.

It also goes without saying that you should probably avoid too much work-related chatter. There is, after all, much more to your colleagues than their job title.


Make sure you have a plan for getting home! Don’t assume you can just call a taxi once the bar has been drank dry and your feet have begun to hurt; as the Christmas season comes into full swing, cabs book up fast. You don’t want to be left in that awkward position where your boss is having to chaperone you until someone comes to your rescue. Or worse, where they’re begrudgingly forced to offer you a lift home.

If your party is being held at a hotel, it is well worth booking a night’s stay. Usually, a special deal will be applied for party goers, and there’s always the allure of a Full English in the morning to help nurse your groggy head.


Most importantly, your Christmas party is a chance for you to really let your hair down and have some fun. Put the stressful project and office politics aside for one night, and take advantage of a great night out on your employer!

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