And Now On Centre Stage… The Music Licence

PPL PRS Employees Honoured At UK Music Graduate Awards.

You may have seen in the local and music press that PPL and PRS for Music have launched a joint venture in Leicester, PPL PRS Ltd. The introduction of TheMusicLicence from PPL PRS enables a business or organisation to play music in public and hopes to make music licensing more straightforward and accessible.

PPL PRS are committed to standing up for musicians’ rights and have a strong belief that everyone involved in the music industry is entitled to be fairly rewarded and recognised for their hard work. Aside from operating costs, the revenue generated from TheMusicLicence goes to the music creators, paid as royalties.

Renowned music producer Steve Levine said of the launch: ‘The importance of this venture cannot be understated. So many songwriters, artists and music producers rely on this important income stream. With so many new businesses making music an important a part of their customer experience the fact that PPL PRS can now offer easy one stop music license solutions is the way forward.’

Are you a music maker? We would love to hear how important royalty payments are to you, how it has enabled you to buy much needed equipment or helps pay the bills.

We want to show businesses where their money goes, how without it many artists would simply not be able to survive. Email [email protected] and tell us your story.

Our business brand says we are #unitedformusic, and we really are. We understand the value of music and the people who make it.
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