Asher X Gets Mardeh

Asher X Gets Mardeh

Asher X‘s debut EP titled ‘Mardeh’, released by HQ Familia, is a British Hip-Hop record that juxtaposes organic, rolling beats (Produced by Dise Beats) with abrasive critiques and observations of everyday life in working class Britain.

This EP charts Asher X’s journey from spoken word urban poet to Hip Hop/Grime rising star.

Asher X has recently been part of a campaign by UK charity Headway, that works to help people recovering from brain injury. ‘True Romance’, taken from this EP, deals with a brain injury that her boyfriend received after being attacked, with all profits going to Headway, who helped him through this ordeal.

‘Mardeh’ marks the beginning of a cycle for Asher X that sees numerous singles and another EP on the horizon in 2018.

Available now from all major online retailers.

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