Urban Label HQ Familia Announce Release of Debut Compilation ‘HQ Familia Presents… HQF001’

Urban Label HQ Familia Announce Release of Debut Compilation 'HQ Familia Presents... HQF001'

Leicester based urban label HQ Familia are set to drop their first compilation HQ Familia Presents… HQF001 on 31st July 2017 showcasing 12 of the best up and coming urban artists across the East Midlands. The 5-track compilation offers genres of UK hip hop, UK grime, future bass, and alt-R&B, all of which have been rising in the industry over recent years.

The new label, based in and partnered with HQ Recording Studio, works along side programs funded by public bodies offering projects for long term unemployed youth and some artists and producers featuring on the compilation have come through these programs with a raw talent that stays true to the urban sound of the UK.

Throughout the compilation the theme of high quality urban, British sound is followed, and as with all urban genres each song and artist tells a different story of modern day social society. The compilation starts strong with rapper Charlie Georgio‘s debut release ‘You’ which offers a future bass sound layered with rhythmic story telling lyrics, and the bar set by Georgio is carried throughout the compilation. Asher X a rapper/poet follows combining a hard hitting social commentary with a brash, no nonsense delivery in her track ‘Do One’. SunSun, an up and coming rapper, pairs with Harri Georgio a cross genre artist/producer with a distinctive sound to present their track ‘Waste My Time’. Next up Leicester born producers Maniscooler and Dubdeep tell a modern day teenage lust story in their track ‘Boyfriend’ which gives a lighter alt R&B sound in comparison to the rest of the tracks. Finally, hip-hop/rap collective BLG finish the compilation with their track ‘Which Way To Go’, a haunting and hypnotic ode to friendship and brotherhood that was a work in progress over the space of a year.

HQ Familia Presents… HQF001 is the first release of many to come from HQ Familia and will be available via all major media providers. More information about each of the artists and any upcoming live dates can be found on their social media pages and information about the label itself can be found on their official website here.

Track Listing & Socials

1. You – Charlie Georgio ft Josh Notta

2. Do One – Asher X

3. Waste My Time – SunSun x Harri Georgio

4. Boyfriend – Maniscooler x Dubdeep

5. Which Way To Go – BLG ft Jafro (KamakazeTwisted PennysCorneliusSane Skitza)

The iTunes Pre-order for release on 31st July is available now at https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/hq-familia-presents-hqf001-ep/id1260655857

It will be released on all platforms on the 31st July.

Physical copies are available now from HQ Recording Studio and from wellgosh, Pilot and Graff HQ with any purchase.

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