Review: Bring Me The Horizon at Barclaycard Arena

Bring Me The Horizon are fastly becoming one of the biggest British Rock bands and after seeing them perform at Birmingham’s Barclaycard Arena on Friday 4th November I can see why.

Anticipation was felt around the arena, with a range of fans eagerly waiting to see what Bring Me The Horizon’s biggest headline tour yet will entail.

Kicking off the evening was alternative rock and Ipswich based group Basement who got the crowd moshing out early. Following their set was Don Barco, who livened up the crowd further, preparing us for the mammoth performance that was to come.

As the second support act’s performance finished, the stage was cleared and a black curtain was dropped featuring a giant interactive screen and stage.

As the lights were dropped and the live music began to play the crowd screamed, knowing that the time was now. The screen behind the stage lit up and an intricate pre-recorded video montage played and the centre podium in which Jordan Fish the pianist and Matthew Nichols the drummer resided on. The huge podium was an extension of the screen, lighting up with different colours throughout each song.

Their opening song, Happy Song was well received by the crowd, jumping up and singing along to one of BMTH’s hit songs from their latest album That’s The Spirit.


The set progressed with the majority of the songs coming from their album, Septimental and That’s The Spirit. There was a moment during the set that Ollie Sykes told the crowd ‘sit on the floor, it doesn’t if your young…’ as instructed the standing crowd all sat on the floor, and just as the beat dropped Ollie shouted jump and the crowd rose and on the same beat jumped and rocked out.

It’s a rarity to see a band perform and every one of the member’s thoroughly enjoying themselves, engaging not only with their own music but from the energy of the crowd.

Each performance was as good as the one before and the one after. Highlights for us though had to be the performances of one of their most well-known songs, Follow you, Throne and Avalanche which came from their fifth studio album That’s The Spirit.

The production of the whole show was insane, with the massive screen behind the screen being a mix of carefully thought out videography intertwined with a  live feed of the band performing, it was flawless.

Never have I been to a gig, where the production has been so sleek and the atmosphere so electric. Bring Me The Horrizon not only played their hearts out, but also produced a gig that was a further extension of who they are.