New Music from Artists around the Midlands

New Music from Artists around the Midlands



Reggae with subtle, tasteful hints of Pop is Birmingham band KIOKO. The multicultural septuplet makes sweet and soulful music, the sort that gets your body grooving to the rhythm without even needing to try. They are a very classy sounding group, all with their own individual talents and blending them all nicely together.

KIOKO have a very old school vibe about them, and in a live show that really does shine through. They’re fun to watch and get any venue moving, but they do it all whilst acting like absolute gentlemen, together they are smoother than Joey from Friends and fresher than the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. They are definitely a must watch, especially as they recently
performed at Glastonbury on the Introducing stage, they’re going to make it big, be there to say you have seen them before you struggle to get tickets in the future!

Crosa Rosa

Psychedelic Rock outfit Crosa Rosa bring the ‘60s back to 2016 with their hypnotic and trance-like music. Whilst they’re not exactly like it was back in the day, they capture the vibe as well as they possibly could, taking you on a trip like no other. The band add in a little more Grunge and Indie to their sound as opposed to keeping it straight up Psychedelic, giving the genre a really nice feel to it. The Nottingham band is extremely talented and whilst they might be more niche than a lot of other artists today, they are worth checking out as they really do just chill you out. They’re electric and strange, but that is what makes them a worthwhile listen and a definite band to go and see live!

The Hivemind

Upbeat, catchy and in tune with your feelgood side comes The Hivemind. Derby Folk- Punk band absolutely grab your attention and get your feet tapping with no intention, it just happens and there’s no stopping it. Think Mumford & Sons and Frank Turner gone Lindisfarne, sunny seaside music, just unfortunately without the actual seaside. The four piece have a ton of potential under their belts, live and studio you can only hear the best and cheeriest of sounds creeping out of the cracks. The band is definitely unique to their own genre and has been able to capture the perfect essence of it, showcasing immense talent and excitement. They portray what we all really want, a band that we can sing and
dance to, expect that and much more when these guys blow up a storm.

Elizabeth Cornish 

Elizabeth Cornish is without a doubt at the front of emerging midlands talent. This acoustic folk artist blends a fiery fusion of delicate, vulnerability whilst capturing a passion that is hard to ignore. See Cornish live and you can expect to be captivated, your attention held as her fragile vocals create an idyllic landscape of the moment for your mind to get lost amidst.

The Hardy Band 

Spirited and light-hearted is The Hardy Band, putting a close-knit twist on Acoustic and Country music. The sextet each plays to one another’s strengths, with an admiring connection between each member. Studio-wise they’re wonderfully upbeat, sitting in your garden drinking a cider on a sunny day music, live on the other hand they become a group that stops the relaxation and brings on the party. It’s music to sing to and it’s music to dance to. In some cases, you’ll hear subtle hints of 1950’s Rock ‘N’ Roll, and in others you’ll hear perfect blends of the Blues. They’re a group for everyone, and whilst they’re incredibly talented, it’s their fun bubbly side that really makes them worthwhile. In a world so serious, be jolly, be one with The Hardy Band.


Gritty, distorted and everything sleazy makes Juice. The fantastic four-piece will fall on pleased ears to anyone who catches wind of them, either live or studio. Their contagious lyrics will latch into your mind, making it impossible to get out, not that you would want to have it out.T hey have defined their sound and made it theirs; they’ve made everything for themselves and in the process, for everyone else as well. When you get to see these guys perform live as well, you’ll want to put on your best dancing shoes and go wild, there’s nothing stopping you from falling in love with them, so just go ahead and let your feelings take over, there’s no denying you would want them to be on your most played playlists after hearing them. There’s been more and more talk of this band in the Birmingham music scene as of late, so catch them while you can and make
sure you don’t end up regretting not giving them a chance.

These Your Children 

Creating perfect harmonies are Nottingham duo These Your Children. The two-piece work together to make sweet music, and as a pair they are electric. They bounce off of each other, playing to each other’s strengths leading to no questions
asked about their rising success. After their open mic nights, they have proceeded to play Splendour Festival and sell out venues such as Bodega. Their acoustic driven music holds a lot of soul and passion behind them, showcasing the lovely connection between the duo. If you’re after a powerful and fiery pair of musicians who really push the limits on what
they do on a relaxing day or in the tub, then without a doubt These Your Children are the two for you.


Drum and Bass, Reggae and Dubstep mash-up group PhattFoxx are climbing to ladder in being one of the best new upcoming acts from the Midlands. Fuelled by the bass drop and energetic performances, this Derby lot are ready to break the
rules and drag you all in with them. They’re definitely upbeat, making anybody who listens dance and lose themselves, but they hold a level of attitude and slight aggression, they don’t let you have the best listening and live experience, they make you. PhattFoxx aren’t like any other Drum and Bass group, their blend of genres asserts that. They have the talent and they definitely have the persona to really craft who they are, and currently they are on the right road. Feel the drop and let go to the most energetic and true upcoming act in the genre.