Bongo’s Bingo Big Day Out Is Back With Dates Announced In July & August.

Bongo’s Bingo Big Day Out Is Back With Dates Announced In July & August.

Two new shows revealed for Sat 8th July and Sat 19th August

Bongo’s Bingo is very proud to be back in Birmingham this summer with two special Big Day Out parties. Following on from June’s sold-out daytime event with S Club, the team are back on Saturday 8th July and Saturday 19th August at The Rainbow Venue’s Open Air Arena.

The event’s success continues to evolve into a true phenomenon, with residencies now in Ibiza for the summer, Australia which sold out in record time and Dubai too, as well as continuing to spread even further across the UK. It’s already taken quite a journey – one including copious amounts of Coco Pops, audience heckling and unicorn toys – to get here, with plenty of rave classics, party anthems and power ballads in the mix, and there is plenty more very exciting news to come soon. The Birmingham residency continues to create magic and mayhem each and every time, with The Rainbow’s sun-kissed outdoors area packed for what is becoming an indelible part of the UK’s cultural fabric.

In just over two thrilling, chaotic and dancing-on-the-tables years, Bongo’s Bingo features wild scenes taking place each night across the UK as the team move from city to city, re-shaping how people enjoy themselves and perhaps most importantly bringing back a sense of unadulterated fun and escapism to going out. The shows take place across the UK which continue to sell out in advance, with a vibrant mix of players flocking in from far wide for the riotous reinvention of a particularly unique fond British pastime, perhaps a little staid around the edges.

It’s true that Bongo’s Bingo has to be seen to be believed – the show mixes the traditional elements of bingo with dance-offs, rave intervals, plenty of heckling, audience participation, endless hands-in-the-air anthems and of course winning prizes too, from Henry Hoovers to actual cold hard cash. It’s a sublimely chaotic experience, and predictably unpredictable – no two shows are ever the same, yet there’s a familiar thread of distilled mayhem, with magic running through each and every Bongo’s Bingo.

Co-founder Joshua Burke explains: “We have already got a great relationship with Birmingham and The Rainbow crew, and after our debut in their amazing open air venue at the start of June we have realised summer time outdoor parties there are the way forward! Tickets will fly for them both, so we are advising everyone to get theirs as soon as possible.”