Eyes Down! We Go Along To A night Of The Bonkers, Bongo’s Bingo.

We Go Along To A night Of The Bonkers, Bongo's Bingo.

Yes you heard right, we are talking about Bingo! But let us assure you, this is like none you have ever seen before. Free from dobbers and laced with dance music, this is Bingo for the raving generation.

Already well established with nights selling out in Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle and Leeds, Bongo has now bought his madness to Birmingham at Rainbow Venues. Prizes vary from life size cut outs to a cheeky 500 quid and there’s some sneaky surprises chucked in for good measure; you can’t help but join in the mayhem.

What can we say? The night’s a riot and definitely worthchecking out! As we played bingo and raved through  the night it’s easy to see why Bongo and his Bingo are taking the UK by storm.

Visit their website at www.bongosbingo.co.uk

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