HQ Recording Studio Release Their First Studio Album, HQ Familia.

HQ Recording Studio Release Their First Studio Album, HQ Familia.

HQ Recording Studio, based in the heart of the city of Leicester, are proud to present the first release from their in-house label, HQ Familia.

HQ works with artists across multiple genres, from Leicester and across the East Midlands Region, and also partakes in programs funded by public bodies with unemployed youth, refugees, and people with mental health conditions, amongst other programs. Indeed, some of the artists and producers on this compilation first came to HQ through these programs.

HQ Familia are committed to crafting high-quality, professional bodies of work that showcase the very best talents that the East Midlands has to offer.

1. Charlie Georgio (Feat Josh Notta) – You

Charlie Georgio is a 20 years old, Birmingham based rapper, whose debut release ‘You’ taps into the future bass sound that has been prevalent on radio and at festivals for the last year or so. Charlie is also a professional model, having fronted campaigns for Vans, Boohoo, and many others.




2. Asher X – Do One

The first artist to sign an exclusive deal with HQ Familia, Asher X is a rapper/poet from the city of Leicester, who combines hard-hitting social commentary with a brash, no nonsense delivery. Produced by Harri Georgio, a long-time collaborator, Do One is a revenge-tinged attack on a former boyfriend who treated her with contempt. Asher X is currently working on some solo projects that will be released on HQ Familia.



3. SunSun x Harri Georgio – Waste My Time

As an up-and-coming rapper, SunSun’s flawless delivery and ear for an excellent hook set him apart from others in his field. He has really hit his stride in recent months and has recently been working with some of the finest talents Leicester has to offer, including an impending release with Curtis Clacey on HQ Familia. Harri Georgio is a cross-genre artist/producer who is known for his energetic, aggressive sound. Equally adept at crafting club ready bass house, weighty grime instrumentals, or silky smooth Hip-Hop, Harri is one of the longest serving members of the HQ team, and has had music released for various labels, notably Ultra Bass and 3000 Bass.



4. Maniscooler x Dubdeep – Boyfriend

Maniscooler and Dubdeep are two producers from Leicester, who have teamed up to create ‘Boyfriend’, a modern day teenage lust story
about stealing another man’s girlfriend. Its off-kilter drum samples and lo-fi aesthetic, teamed with x-rated lyrics and relaxed vocal delivery, give this song an alt-pop/R&B feel.



5. BLG – Which Way To Go

BLG (Beneath The Looking Glass) are a Hip-Hop/Rap collective of various artists and producers. This track features Kamakaze, Twisted Pennys, Cornelius, and Sane Skitza, with Maniscooler on production duties, and featuring Jafro, an up & coming multi-genre artist, also from Leicester. The track expresses how the group broke apart when various members moved away from the city. It is a haunting and hypnotic ode to friendship and brotherhood, that took over a year to create.






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