The Essential Album Downloads for autumn

The Essential Album Downloads for autumn

With a new season come new releases. This autumn there are loads of new albums from the likes of Bastille, Two Door Cinema Club, Shawn Mendes and many more. SIXTYNINE DEGREES’ Ben Walker, has put together the top album releases for autumn.

Bastille: Wild World


With a focus on exploring the darker side to R&B and heavier guitar sounds comes Bastille’s highly anticipated album, Wild World. Prior to the release, the band teased fans with new music at festivals they played over summer. One song on the album, The Currents is based upon the madness and rise of Donald Trump and Nigel Farage; which coincides with the boys wanting to tackle issues that are apparent in the here and now lyrically throughout the album.

Shawn Mendes:

The Essential Album Downloads for autumn

Shawn Mendes is a name we are sure you would have heard of by now. Following his debut album last year and hit singles, Stitches and Treat You Better, comes his second album Illuminate. According to Shawn the album will feature electric guitar on his tracks as well as all the right vibes. Mendes has been in the studio with experienced pop writer Scott Harris who has written songs for The Chain-Smokers and Jessie J, so we know it’s going to be good.


Kaiser Chiefs: Stay Together


With any good album, you know what you’re going to get from listening to the first song. On Stay Together, Kaiser Chiefs’ new album, the first album-titled track represents buckets of hope and enthusiasm. In the worlds of vocalist Ricky, “As the record progresses, more and more mops will be rung most into the bucket.” The album combines the flush of new love with reflective and dreamlike lyrics from Ricky, making for a true pop album. Where most songs on the album differ from the true Kaiser Chiefs sound, tracks High Society and Why Do It To Me are musically closer to classic Kaiser Chiefs.

Two Door Cinema Club: Gameshow


Fans have been waiting four years for a new from by TDCC, and they won’t be disappointed by its release. The group are setting to change up the current music scene with an album that isn’t like other pop albums out there at the moment.  On the album, lead singer Alex Trimble has said that the album is not ‘embracing the pop that’s going on now in a melodic or structural sense’. It’s very much an album that will be set away from the genre, offering pop lovers an alternative to what’s already out there.

Passenger:  Young As Morning Old As The Sea


Mike Rosenberg, better known as Passenger is known to be intimate with his music folk with an indie-pop feel to it. For the eighth album however, he has brought in an incredible band to back him for a totally different recording process. It’s great to see that seven albums in already, there is still more to come!

Aluna George: I remember


Electronic duo Aluna George are back this autumn with their second studio album, I Remember. The duo is made up of Aluna Francis who provides stunning vocals and George Reid who does the production and instrumentation. They’re shaking things up with their new album by pushing the boundaries of pop music and incorporating a much loved electro feel.