New Music from the Midlands Area part two

New Music from the Midlands Area part two


The World Can Wait- Leicester

Loud, hard and ready to rock is Leicester Alternative Rock band The World Can Wait. Mixing gut-punching riffs, pounding drums and strong vocals, they are a sweet blend of the line between Metal and Rock without overcomplicating anything. It plays nicely in their hands to get them fans from all over the shop; they are a band for everyone. Not even in adult-hood, they are beyond their years with talent and with their live persona. Onstage they are dynamic, and intriguing to say the least, they entice every person in the venue to watch them, by the end you’re pretty much their biggest fan. It takes some artists years to
master their sound, more years than they are old but they have hit the nail on the head with the music that they want to put out, they’ve gone out and done it and now we’re left with something spectacular coming.

Eyre Llew- Nottingham 

Eyre Llew is an emerging atmospheric three piece band from Nottingham. While it is difficult to pin-point their sound into a set genre, they perfectly execute what they deliver. Imagine an acoustic XX crossed with Denmark’s Choir of Young Believers and infused with a little piece of Damien Rice and you’re about there. Ish. Eyre Llew definitely let their sound do the talking as opposed to focusing on their lyrical content; simple yet sophisticated it’s easy to become transfixed on what they are giving you, be it performance or studio sound. The Nottingham boys are definitely individual with their music, and there is a real sense of an artist approach about them.

The Fidgets- Birmingham 

Putting a modern twist on 60’s Pop and 50’s Rock and Roll is Max Stockin and Ryan Skidmore, The Fidgets. In just over two years, the jolly duo have crafted their sound and performances to near perfection. They have gone from busking to soon releasing their second EP, and with how catchy they are, they are meant to be on the ladder they are. The way they even perform resembles to artists such as Buddy Holly and Hank Marvin, they have such a nice persona about them, studio and live – it really comes through in their music, they are the good guys in Rock and Roll, but assured they won’t finish last! Even after one listen, you hi t replay, you suddenly know the words and that uncontrollable urge to sing along comes in the mix. The Fidgets are the real Rock and Roll.

The Vellas- Derby 

Some of the finer things in life are the hidden gems, Indie band The Vellas are just that. With a likeness to bands such as The Strokes and The Cribs, they are fun, wild and free. They throw out constant catchy riffs, with upbeat melodies and as Nigel Thornberry would say, absolutely smashing drums. Since recording their EP Run, they have been played on BBC Introducing East Midlands and have played some of the most iconic venues in the UK. The world needs to hear these happy chappies. Expect a jolly live atmosphere with lots of dancing… that’s if you haven’t started at home already, and one of the best performances you will see in the Indie music scene as of late. Get your groove on and have a wild ride with this emerging talent.