We Review Teenage Fanclub’s new album – Here

Teenage Fanclub

Teenage Fanclub are back with their 10th studio album, Here. The Alternative Rock band are known for bringing sweet sounds and a little bit of love writes Jessica Howkins.

The second the album begins, it’s fresh and it’s fun. There’s a hint of 60’s West Coast thrown in there, giving off a modern sort of Beach Boys sound. Despite having 9 previous albums and nearly 30 years under their belt, they have a unique way of mixing that classic sound but keeping up with the modern trends of today’s music.

The Scottish band has always been pretty smooth sailing with their music and the same applies to Here. They go in one direction and don’t really stray from that, but with the style of music they play, it’s good. Any diverting from their sound would be criminal.

The album is just really fun without being over the top; it’s got that sort of vibe about it that makes it sound like a perfect holiday album, even a montage album!

Even when Here slows down in tempo with some tracks, it’s still feel-good and it’s impossible to not tap your feet and sing along. When that’s impossible, you know that it’s a good and catchy album, able to catch the hearts of anyone who is listening.

The guitar work from Norman Blake and Raymond McGinley really set off the sound for the album above anything else really. The melodies and the way they both play to each other is incredible and while it’s simple and strays from being overly-fancy, it works effortlessly, sometimes less is more and in Teenage Fanclub’s case it’s spot on.

Here is considered to be an album that is only about the two things that are important; life and love. They really show that off in their record and they make it very relatable.

Teenage Fanclub have been pushing out masterpieces for a while now, and Here is no exception. They have crafted their sound superbly and with each release they set themselves a higher bar but nothing is ever their peak as they just exceed further.

Here is due out September 9 via Republic of Music, for more information go to: http://www.teenagefanclub.com/