Magic Door is back at Lab 11 on Friday October 14th in Birmingham.

Magic Door is back at Lab 11 on Friday October 14th

It’s easy to understand why Lab11 is the perfect fit and a regular home of Magic Door. A once abandoned, sprawling, Digbeth warehouse, Lab11 is now a warren of exciting, inter-connecting clubs spaces and outdoor terraces, all set under the most dramatic of railway arches and Victorian viaducts. With Function 1 sound systems throughout and ever changing lighting, the architecture and combined backdrop are foundations of the venue which allows Magic Door an amazing canvas to produce the most crazily creative of parties.

Magic Door is in many ways the absolute antithesis to big name clubs, eschewing huge headline-focused promotion in favour of carefully cultivated residents and unannounced and unadvertised special guests who are always only revealed on the night. In addition to solid musical programming, the focus is on the overall experience of the night from the first moment to the last, creating unique environments, blending genuine escapism and intimate partying into a truly liberating celebration of all the senses – one which is also showered with copious amounts of glitter! Magic Door is not a themed party, but each event has a distinct identity too, again which is only revealed on the night – it’s these elements and more are what sets the party apart from all else in the country.

Jit Coulter-Patel, one of Magic Door’s founders, explains: “Our entire ethos is built around never having two Magic Doors the same, as each time we want everyone to have a brand new experience with us. This is basically the root of everything we do. We now have full time people who literally spend all their time making amazing things for each and every Magic Door. To name but a few, we have made and used LED waterfalls, real trees, giant dmx’ed mushrooms, Bowie/Labyrinth type chandeliers and a working swing in/above the DJ box. We also have lots of dressed up characters that are usually linked into the secret production theme, for example our last party had 20+ sexy gnomes and a mushroom G.o.D! There’s always an element of surprise when people walk into a Magic Door party. If you think about it, most nights out are pretty pre-ordained, people know what they are going to get, from whoever is DJing to what the venue is going to be like when they get there. We have tried to do things a bit differently, and keep the production theme secret and the DJs secret. Everyone always says we should reveal the theme, and say who the special guest DJs are – but at the same time, over the last few years we have really build up amazing relationship with people who regularly come to our parties, they trust the music and the trust the party, there’s a lot of belief in what we do – they basically trust us!  Everyone trusts us to put on a great party, and also one which makes them go WOW – so we aim to deliver on that each and every time!”

In addition to the production and DJs, there is always a kaleidoscopic cast of characters work on the dance floor, behind the scenes and in the nooks and crannies at each Magic Door event with sometime 60-70 people working on a single party. Walking around, it is clear that lots of extra effort and emphasis is invested in every detail, which all comes together once more on Friday 14th October in Birmingham.

“Magic Door is not a metaphor, there is a real Magic Door.”

Magic Door
Fri 14th October
Lab 11, Trent St, Digbeth, Birmingham, B5 5NL
Maxxi Soundsystem

Jukes of Hazard
Deano Ferrino
+ Secret guest DJs revealed on the night
+ more TBA
+ Magic Door Crafty Girls
+ GoD (Guardian of Door) & The Devil
+ Glitter, face paint, wigs, headbands, feathers, moustaches, capes, masks + all manner props & disguises
+ Magic Door photo booth
+ Lots of random paraphernalia
Music: Deep – Spookyhouse – Discotechno
£10 + b/f (early birds), £12 + b/f (2nd release), £15 + b/f (3rd release), £18 + b/f (final release), motd