Traveller: We Fly From Birmingham Airport To Explore The Best of USA!

We Fly From Birmingham Airport To Explore The Best of USA!

The USA is an enormous country: almost two and a half times the size of the European Union. The state of Texas is almost twice the size of Germany, two United Kingdoms could fit into California…you get the idea. That makes planning a trip
there a herculean task. To simplify things, we’ve created a guide to the highlights of each region in the USA.

Where to go to in the Northeast

Maine Coast

New York City:

New York really is the city that never sleeps. There’s just too much to do: incredible theatre on Broadway and beyond, global cuisine on every corner, skyscrapers stretching up as high as the eye can see and dozens of museums and galleries. Don’t limit yourself to Manhattan and Brooklyn, the other three boroughs and upstate New York have lots to offer as well. Experience the serenity upstate in the Hudson Valley with leafy parks and vibrant arts and farming communities. Maine Coast: With its rocky shorelines, pretty towns and friendly locals, Maine’s coast is a quintessential New England destination. It’s ideal for sailing and fishing, or just hanging out by the harbour. Binging on seafood is a must while you’re here; Maine is famous for its lobsters, oysters and clams.

Founded in 1630, Boston is one of the USA’s oldest cities and perhaps the best place to discover the country’s founding. Walk the Freedom Trail that links historic sites from the American Revolution. Boston is also a major sports city with professional baseball, basketball, hockey and American football teams.

Where to go to in the Southeast


New Orleans:

Nowhere epitomises ‘melting pot’ quite as well as this French-Creole-Southern city. Come to eat – sugar-sprinkled beignets, shrimpstuffed po’ boy sandwiches, gumbo thick with spices and seafood. Come to learn – French, Spanish and
African history, historic architecture, the legacy of Hurricane Katrina. Come to dance – brass bands, jazz clubs, street parades, Mardi Gras.

Civil Rights Tour:

Integral to American history, the Civil Rights Movement ended racial segregation and paved the way for equality. Visit Alabama and see the Rosa Parks Museum, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and the famous bridge in Selma where one of the movement’s iconic marches occurred. Follow Martin Luther King Jr.’s life, from his Atlanta childhood home to the Memphis motel where he was assassinated.


California gets all the hype but the Southeast has some of the best beaches in the USA. There’s something for everyone, from the glamour of Miami’s South Beach to the rustic shores of North and South Carolina’s coastal islands.

Where to go to in the Midwest


Great Lakes:

Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario – these five lakes truly deserve their name; taken together, they are the largest body of freshwater in the world. Their rocky cliffs, lush green islands and wide-open beaches invite both adventure and relaxation.

Great Lakes Cities:

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Great Lakes region is also where natural beauty meets enterprising cities. This is the former industrial heartland of the USA, where fortunes were built at the turn of the 20th century. Visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland,
have a pint at a craft brewery in Milwaukee, or watch revitalisation in action in Detroit.


A metropolitan city with a neighbourly Midwestern vibe, Chicago draws visitors for its diverse food scene, worldclass museums, and legendary architecture. Its winters may be brutal, but it more than makes up for them with its incredible summers: free outdoor festivals and concerts, baseball games at Wrigley Field and lazy afternoons wandering Lake Shore Drive.

Where to go in The West and Southwest


Texas Cities:

Explore Texan hospitality through its cities. Hang with hipsters and listen to the latest indie bands in Austin, feast on authentic Tex-Mex and visit the historic Alamo in San Antonio, go to a rodeo in Fort Worth and enjoy the USA’s largest arts district in Dallas.

Skiing in Colorado:

colorado skiing

Winter in the Colorado Rockies is a skier’s dream -long sunny days, fluffy deep powder and consistent heavy snowfall. At the legendary big ski towns like Aspen, Vail and  Telluride, there’s some of the world’s best downhill, cross-country and back country skiing. Beginners and experts are welcome.

California Cities:

No trip to the West Coast would be complete without experiencing California’s two most famous cities: Los Angeles and San Francisco. These rivals share great beaches and thriving restaurant scenes, but they differ a lot as well -LA has sunshine, traffic, urban sprawl and Hollywood, while San Fran has fog, cable cars and Silicon Valley.

Birmingham airport has daily direct flights to John F. Kennedy airport in New York City (American Airlines) and Newark Liberty Airport (United Airlines).

From these major hubs, you’re only a connecting flight away from anywhere in the USA. Let the adventure begin.