REVIEW: David Brent & Forgone Conclusion

David brent album

David Brent is back, no not in The Office but on the road. The Sales rep has left Wernham Hogg and is now on tour with his band, Foregone Conclusion writes Jessica Howkins.

To understand the music him and his trusty sidekicks play you’ll probably have to watch the film. Let’s just say, without the visuals, you’ll find yourself cringing just a bit more than you thought you would.

Now we know it’s not a serious album, come on – could you really imagine David Brent ending up trying to create music and tour like Nickelback? Exxxactly! He does try, he thinks he is good… maybe his mum too but sometimes, mothers lie. Even his band aren’t fond of the music! We’re not dream crushers or anything but maybe Brent should go back to his old day job.

It’s rather nice in a way to see him living his dreams after his retirement, but in true Ricky Gervais style, it was never meant to be nice. It was meant to be cringe-worthy and at times unsettling, you’ll be left at some points laughing and trying your hardest not to enjoy it but secretly loving it, at others you really will be making a few faces that show concern.

When you love it, you are LOVING it, you’re wanting to buy a concert ticket, a shirt and banners with David’s face on. And when you’re grimacing, you’re wondering how on earth he has gotten away with it. The worst is Don’t Cry It’s Christmas; it’s sweet in a way but other times so backhanded it hurts.

“And it’s not that he’s invisible, it’s because you’re going blind” is just a sample of one of the heart-breaking lines in the song, he is basically getting your hopes up that Santa is real and then crushing them by saying you’re blind… We don’t know what would be worse!

Throughout the entire album, David thinks he’s being romantic, sweet and sincere but in reality he’s still a big joke to his audience and band – but in the end, whilst you’ve laughed and cried (not from the laughing) at some of the songs, you will come away feeling like you was part of his tour and his legacy, be it a good thing or not.

David Brent: Life on the Road album and movie is out Next Friday on the 19th August. For more information on both the film and movie and to get tickets visit: