Cosmetic Conveyor Belt arrives at Lush Birmingham

We’ve known and loved sushi trains, eaten our way through the first cheese conveyor belt but now Lush is bringing something new as part of their Christmas 2019 personalised gifting service!

This year, alongside the main collection, the Birmingham store will showcase an abundance of unique and eco friendly gifting experiences, including a Cosmetic conveyor belt!

The conveyor belts range in size from 3 to 14 metres and has up to 106 Christmas bath products available to choose from.

As part of their personalised gifting service, visitors will be invited to choose their products from the array of plastic packaging-free, limited edition festive treats that pass before their eyes. These will then be beautifully wrapped in a Lush Knot Wrap, a reusable alternative to traditional gift wrap made from Organic Cotton or recycled bottles.

Lush Birmingham, 143-144 New Street, Birmingham, B2 4NY

To view the #LushChristmas gifts and products visit:
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