Good for Beards, Great for the Planet

A new beard and hair conditioning wax, made by a dad of one from Nottingham is one of the newest innovations in zero-waste beard care.

By Bravery, created by Alex Heron has created a  refillable beard balm. made with all-natural products and is sold in refillable tins or beeswax fabric wraps. Alex encourages customers to either send the tin back to be refilled or they can get a new batch in a beeswax wrap.

Alex said: “I started making the wax for myself because I couldn’t find an all-natural beard balm that was zero-waste looked after my beard and skin. I’m an ultra-marathon runner so I spend a lot of time muddy and sweaty, so I need something that really moisturises my skin as well as blocking out the bad stuff. However, most products I tried either irritated my skin, or did nothing for my beard despite the premium price tag. Which lead me to learning to make my own. Through lots of experimenting with different natural ingredients and I’m really proud of the final product.”

By Bravery, Clan Heron is created from beeswax, natural skin care oils and essential oils. The business is a family affair with the beeswax coming from Alex’s Mum’s honey-bee apiary’s and the fabric for the wax wraps are all recycled from his wife’s sewing business.  Zero waste is at the core of the business aiming to provide a product which is not only good for beards but great for the planet too.

Alex said: “So many beard balms and men’s cosmetics are packaged in plastic bottles and tins that are not recyclable. If you find a balm you like you use it, throw away the packaging and buy again and the cycle never ends. I wanted to find a solution to this problem, which is why By Bravery conditioning wax is moulded into single-use buttons. The buttons are sent in a tin and once empty, we send a refill or they can go to one our stockists. ”

By Bravery conditioning wax is currently being sold online at
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