Lipscanner: Chanel’s First Colour Scanner

CHANEL presents LIPSCANNER, the new generation make-up app for lips. This original colour scanner developed 100% in-house enables you to instantaneously find the CHANEL lipstick that matches your desires, based on the shades and visuals that inspire you. In just two clicks, LIPSCANNER recognises the selected colour, suggests CHANEL’s interpretation from the House’s product catalogue and allows you to instantaneously try it on your lips with the virtual make-up app.


A friend’s lips. The Net. Social networks. A magazine. In the street. A poster. An item of clothing. An object. Colour inspiration is without limit. Scan the desired colour and LIPSCANNER will suggest the closest shade from CHANEL’s range of lipsticks. If your inspiration is a face, LIPSCANNER will also identify the lipstick texture, ranging from matte to glossy. A world-first exclusive to the brand, based on dual expertise: in the colours and textures of the House’s lip universe and in a very specific application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make-up. LIPSCANNER’s recognition engine compares the scanned colour with the entire CHANEL lip range in real time to find the desired product. The app offers an intuitive, seamless and rapid experience, enabling users to scan any colour and visualise CHANEL’s interpretation on themselves.

Fall for a look

The face a celebrity in a photograph or a model in an advertising campaign… Take a photo with the app or select an image from your camera roll and let LIPSCANNER identify the face, detect and isolate the lips. Instantaneously, Artificial Intelligence analyses the colour and texture of the make-up worn and proposes the CHANEL lip product that corresponds to your desires.

Scan a colour that inspires you

It is now possible to fall for a colour and instantaneously transfer it to your lips with a CHANEL product. You can also match your lipstick with your favourite outfit or accessories! Based on a photo taken with the app or chosen from your album, LIPSCANNER selects precisely the desired colour using the “Colour Picking” feature, so that the algorithm can analyse the shade to the nearest pixel, establish links with each product in the CHANEL lip category, isolate and propose the closest shade in two or three finishes (matte, satin, glossy).

Realise your desire in real time

The app’s “Virtual Try On” feature allows you to test the identified CHANEL make-up product on your lips, giving you the perfect opportunity to take a selfie to keep or share. Going beyond a simple virtual make-up experience, LIPSCANNER offers the possibility of transforming the test into reality by proposing a link to your desired shade on


As the first colour scanner developed by CHANEL, LIPSCANNER is the result of collaboration over several months between the CX Lab* and the CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio. It took several months to design an algorithm which is exclusive to CHANEL and to train it to develop its analytical capacity on the basis of tens of thousands of facial images. An ongoing learning process, which will be progressively integrated in future releases of the House’s lipstick products.

With exacting standards and precision, LIPSCANNER recognises and proposes the most appropriate product, taking into consideration the skin tone and lip shape. The speed of analysis and ease of use also allows you to focus on what is most important, thanks to the high quality of CHANEL’s virtual make-up: an appraisal of the suggested lipstick as applied to your own lips in the desired shade and finish.

More than 400 lip products

Natural, pink, orange, red and plum… 5 colour families, each available in as many textures: gloss, shine, metallic, satin and matte. CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio has developed each existing colour and texture to virtualise more than 400 CHANEL lip products, all accessible for immediate virtual try-on. Truly in-depth work that has made it possible to enrich the LIPSCANNER “Virtual Try On” technology in a unique way.

LIPSCANNER by CHANEL is an iPhone app available for free on the Apple App Store.
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