Q&A with Love Island Star Kaz Crossley

With the sun peeking out from the clouds and the temperature sneaking into double figures, it also means we’re closer to the return of the ITV summer smash hit dating show, Love Island.

Make-up artist, Kaz Crossley headed to the Majorcan villa last summer and made it all the way to the final. Since the show, she’s been in-fluxed with new opportunities and KISS Products are thrilled to announce her as their newest brand ambassador.

From date nights with boyfriend, Josh Denzel, to attending glittering red carpet events, KISS Products have a style to suit every occasion and are the perfect brand for Kaz. Kaz needs lashes that will last all night plus nails that she can change quickly to match her outfit.

We caught up with Kaz to find out more about her time on hit show, her makeup tips and tricks and her plans for the summer.

How did the opportunity for Love Island come about?

They contacted me through my Instagram. I had a lot of bikini pics up from travelling which they probably loved haha!

Did you have any expectations going in to show?

Not really I thought I would last a couple of days so I was really overwhelmed to go as far as I did!

How has that experienced changed your life?

It has given me so many opportunities with my career! It’s hard being in the public eye but I guess it is completely worth it for me as I have done so many amazing things since leaving the show which I’m so grateful for.

Do you keep in touch with anyone from the show?

My closest pals are Ellie and Laura

Is there a lot of pressure to constantly look flawless during the show?

Yes I guess there is as the cameras are literally on you 24/7! But you start to not care the longer you stay there for

Have you watched it all back?

No I haven’t watched a single episode… I guess I want to keep my own memories

What do you think you learned about yourself from being in the show?

I’ve learnt that I am more confident than I think I am and I love that I don’t take my self seriously

There is obviously a lot of talk about the after care from reality tv, what was your experience like, do you think things need to change to ensure people have the right support and can adjust after the show?

I was very supported. It’s hard to prepare for how much it will change your life as you are the only person who will be able to experience it.

What would your advice be for someone looking to take part in a reality tv programme?

Have fun and enjoy it!

You recently became an ambassador for KISS Nails and Lashes, what do you love most about the brand?

I’m so excited to be the NEW brand ambassador for KISS Products! I feel like KISS is a great fit for me because I love all things beauty. Not only do they have an amazing range of nails with lots of designs that are super easy but I also love their lashes. They make me feel so glam and put together.

Which is your favourite product of theirs for the summer season? 

As a make-up artist, I’ve used a lot of false lashes and it’s really difficult to find light weight lashes that deliver a dramatic, fluttery look! KISS Lashes are perfect with such a big range, there’s something to match every make-up look. From the nail ranges I love the NEW Masterpiece Nails, they look so beautiful and on-trend. They’re really bold so add a bit more drama to any look.

You’re a make-up artist, is that something you’ve always wanted to do? Have you always had a passion for makeup?

Literally since I was about 15, I got addicted to watching YouTube and it all began from there

Do you have a top make-up tip/trick you can share with us?

I always say skin preparation is key! Make sure your skin is nice and cleansed, the more moisturiser the better, it’ll help your make up will last longer!

What are your top 5 summer beauty essentials?

Lip balm with SPF, coconut oil, imPRESS Nails, highlighter and bronzer

Now that you have a larger following, are there other opportunities and avenues you’d like to explore in your career?

I would love to do more work relating to travel, I absolutely love exploring new countries so that would be a dream

Do you have anything exciting planned this summer? 

So many holidays and new launches for kazbands!

Have you got any festivals in the diary? 

The line up for Parklife looks UNREAL.

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