Comedy picks from Midlands comedians at MAC

Comedy picks from Midlands comedians at MAC

Comedy is different things to different people. Some like their laughs bold and brutal, others prefer them sharp and subtle. When it comes to comedy movies, some prefer the knockabout laughs of Airplane, whilst others have a preference for darker fare like Four Lions or Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove. Different strokes for different folks.

That’s never more apparent than when it comes to the tastes of actual comedians. This November and December, as part of their BFI Comedy Genius season, Midlands Arts Centre has invited three Midlands comedians to choose their favourite comedy films and tell us just why they love them so much, producing a trio of very different – but equally excellent – screenings.

Luisa Omielan starts things off with a 25th anniversary screening of Sister Act on Fri 23 Nov, the feel-good comedy about a lounge singer hiding from the mob who ends up in a California convent, shaking up the sisters with a new take on the church choir.

Following close on her heels is Jo Enright, a seasoned live stand-up also known for her telly work in Trollied and Life’s Too Short, who’ll be extolling the virtues of Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s magical 2001 comedy Amélie, whilst adopted Midlander Ian Boldsworth will be hosting his very own TED talk to introduce a screening of the 2011 fuzzy felt reboot The Muppets on Wed 19 Dec.

That’s just a snippet of the whole season, which also includes a reunion for cast members of hit 90s comedy series The Real McCoy, a Q&A with Coventry born screen star Alice Lowe and an afternoon celebrating the work of the late, great Tony Hancock. Whatever your tastes, something here will make you laugh. We promise.

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