Girls And Boys Come Out To Play At The REP This Autumn

Girls and boys always get equal billing when it comes to theatre at Birmingham Repertory Theatre, but this autumn two brilliant shows are clearly defined by their gender.

For generations, African men have gathered in barber shops to discuss the world. Newsroom, political platform, local hotspot, confession box and preacher-pulpit barber shops are places where the banter can be barbed and the truth is always telling. The world of these barber shops comes to life in the globally acclaimed, Barber Shop Chronicles (26 – 28 September). Written by Inua Ellams, Barber Shop Chronicles is a razor-sharp insight into notions of masculinity, fatherhood, politics and identity. Spanning six cities around the globe across one day, the show reveals the shared experience of the barber shop. It’s a joyous, soulful and life-affirming play that makes the average white British male’s belief that you simply go in for a haircut decidedly dreary.

Men, money and microphones will be fought over in a new loving and irreverent all-female adaptation of Jane Austen’s unrivalled literary classic, Pride And Prejudice* (*sort of) (15 October – 2 November). A fantastic adaptation like no other, this new retelling of a literary classic draws on over two-hundred years of romantic pop history to deliver a unique take on a beloved novel.

The story is told from the point of view of six young women. These are the women who empty the chamber pots and sweep ash from the grate; the overlooked and the undervalued making sure those above stairs find their happy-ending. Of course, they’ve always been running the show – after all ‘you can’t have a whirlwind romance without clean bedding’ – but tonight, the servants are also playing every part. Let the ruthless match-making begin!

There’s also a feast of newness to discover in Marmalade, The REP’s bar and restaurant with new menus, cocktails, independently sourced coffee
and cake plus a new terrace on the re-developed Centenary Square. Check it out!

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