INTERVIEW: The Clause Are Back With Their New Rock Anthem

The Clause

Birmingham’s finest purveyors of classic rock-inspired anthems have been tearing it up on stages across the UK, winning HUGE audience reactions from Neighbourhood Festival, Golden Touch and Isle Of Wight, where they won legions of new fans.

The Birmingham four-piece, The Clause, are back with another huge rock anthem which has been storming up venues across the UK. Their new single, Cruella is out now on all platforms and the boys – Pearce Macca, Liam Deakin, Niall Fennel and Jonny Fyffe – are so excited to be back out on the road and performing in front of live audiences once again!

Guitarist Liam Deakin reveals why Cruella HAD to be unleashed and why the boys are loving life on the road again.

What made you choose Cruella for the next single?

Returning to live music was such a big thing for us, we were able to take all the songs we wrote during lockdown out for a spin and it was mega-interesting to see the reaction. Every time, every show from Isle Of Wight to Birmingham to Glasgow, Cruella seemed to prick people’s ears up. It’s got a real gritty feel to it man and it’s real fun to play, that was the reasoning behind this one coming out.

So essentially by public demand?

Yeah, definitely public demand, for everyone who saw the shows and asked us how they could get it. For those who haven’t got to see us yet, it’s a taste of what to expect live.

You wrote the music for Cruella in the studio, then Pearce added the lyrics. That’s different to the usual way of working for you, isn’t it?

It’s an unusual one, we were in the studio cooking up our last single Time of Our Lives. Due to Covid we weren’t all allowed in the control room together, only to do our parts. So we were kind of scratching our heads, waiting around, and our producer Matt Terry suggested we use the time productively and write something. Straight away the riff came to me and me and Niall got it demoed within an hour so. Then Pearce was able to lay some vocals on it pretty quickly. A few alterations and the song was finished. It’s very unusual for us, but we’ve done it a lot since. Maybe it’s the way forward. It felt good and we love the result.

Is the release just a celebration of being back on the road really?

Yeah 100%, you don’t have to dig too deep to see how much it’s meant to us. We’ve grafted so hard during lockdown, so now it’s time to celebrate, get songs released and play some shows.

September was a month of shows with plenty more coming – how did it feel to be back in the life you love?

It’s hard to express really, we’ve never had as big support slots or toured as much as we have in September so to be doing it now means more than what we ever thought it would. Every show went down a storm too.

There’s loads more coming up including plenty of hometown shows – buzzing for those? 

We’re buzzing for every gig, travelling around with your best mates getting up to some mischief and doing the thing you love is a feeling that never gets old. The hometown shows are great though, nice to be back home as we’re away so much at the minute

Wherever you go, is it always a bit more special playing Brum?

It is special, it’s the place where we learned our trade, first played to nobody and the place that sculpted us into what we are now. It’s hard getting people from here behind you, so to have cracked it means a lot and we intend to take it all the way

What’s next in terms of releases? Are you writing all the time?

Continuously writing, there’s so much to be inspired from at the moment and our creative juices are flowing. Nothing to be revealed yet! All in good time.

Anything else we should know?

Some more massive news soon, stay posted!

The Clause
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