Marvel at Tattu Birmingham’s Opulent Aesthetic and Creative Cuisine

Tattu is an independent, family-owned, business founded in 2015 by brothers Adam and Drew Jones. The Tattu brand set out with a clear vision – to bring something unique and exciting to the UK’s culinary scene, delivering a dining experience that stimulates all senses, fusing beautiful and meaningful design with exciting and innovative cooking.

Diners are encouraged to embrace the customary approach of sharing dishes with their guests, from colourful dim sum and luxurious small plates to contemporary main course dishes and stunning desserts.

Each seasonal menu is created by Tattu’s talented chefs utilising only premium ingredients sourced from carefully selected suppliers, delivered by highly-trained front of house teams with a strong focus on meticulous and engaging customer service.

Signature dim sum and small plates include chicken truffle shumai served with freshly shaved truffle and soy and chilli and sesame roasted scallops with Chinese sausage, crushed edamame and mint. Larger sharing plates include caramel soy beef fillet with shiitake and asparagus, as well the delicate ginger miso black cod served with hoba leaf, pickled lime and daikon salad.

Desserts are never a course to be missed at Tattu, guests can experience the smoking cherry blossom with chocolate mousse, cherry and candyfloss as well as the Asian pear sticky toffee pudding with cinnamon, vanilla and almond.

Guests can also raise a glass with a selection of bespoke cocktails designed especially for Birmingham. Sweet Huayuán is described as a ‘meteor garden in a glass’, with vanilla vodka, white chocolate syrup, matcha green tea and coconut. Light and Stormy is Tattu’s take on a classic serve with rum and plum topped with fiery ginger beer. Finally, Yin Yang is inspired by the venue’s contrasting interiors, where light and dark collide, with gin, hibiscus and apple.

Occupying a charming space within the city’s historic Grand development on Barwick Street, Tattu Birmingham’s interior design explores of the ancient Chinese philosophy of Yin Yang, the blending of contrary forces to create harmony. Managing director, Adam Jones, explained: “Each Tattu restaurant has its own identity and style that takes customers on a sensory journey as they dine. Yin is the dark element linked with femininity, shadows and water. Tattu’s main dining space represents ‘Yin’ and is detailed in feminine finishes, including its signature cherry blossom trees that create a canopy of delicate blossom throughout the space. The traditional wooden fretwork and carefully styled lighting cast shadows to create the effect of waterfalls against the granite walls.

Chicken Truffle Shumai

Yang is the light element linked with masculinity, growth and fire. This new design is featured in the restaurant’s ground floor bar, dining area and semi-private dining room that overlooks the blossom canopy below. Utilising natural materials and imported stone. Polished brass reflects light to create a warm glow throughout – the perfect environment to relax with one of Birmingham’s signature cocktails.”

Tattu’s opulent aesthetic and creative cuisine makes the restaurant a must visit in the city centre of Birmingham.

Tattu Restaurant and Bar, 18 Barwick Street, Birmingham.B3 2NT Tel. 0121 236 5556
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