New Creative Hub Set to Open in Birmingham

A new and exciting multi-use, creative hub is set to open in Birmingham this Summer.

Located in the sprawling arts hub of Digbeth, art.quarter promises to reflect and celebrate the culturally diverse environment of the city creating a fun and interactive shared space for creation and collaboration.

Here founder, Jordan Patel talks about the idea that sparked art.quarter and the concept behind it.

Guaranteed to be a must-visit space, once lockdown is lifted, art.quarter will offer different things for different people.


  • For creatives, it’s a space to collaborate and create
  • For businesses, it’s an opportunity to operate from a state-of-the-art complex to increase or create their presence within the city of Birmingham
  • For people, a space to learn, shop, unwind and have fun.
  • For the community, a space for interactive projects.


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Instagram: @artdotquarter
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Twitter: @artdotquarter1

Imagery is CGI concepts of the space.

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