New York-style milk and cookies bar is coming to Selfridges Birmingham

A piece of the Big Apple is coming to Selfridges Birmingham, with the launch of a New York-style milk and cookies bar.

Just three years after professionally trained chefs Chelsie Collins and Kristelle Levy originally launched Blondies Kitchen, the brand has built a reputation for its outstanding American cookies and cookie-themed treats across the UK.

The entrepreneurs are now bringing their baked-to-perfection cookies to the renowned food hall at Selfridges Birmingham, so sweet-toothed lovers will be able to get their hands on the crispy-edged, chewy-centred delicacies for the first time.

The concession will sell nine unique flavours, including the Classic – milk choc chip; Always & Ferrero – containing Nutella and Ferrero Rocher; and The Blondie – white chocolate chip with Biscoff. There are also cookies on offer that are suitable for gluten-free and lactose-free diets. As well as individual cookies to eat and enjoy in store, Blondies Kitchen also sell boxes of six (£16.99) or 12 (£30) to take away and share with family and friends.

A range of milks, including hot chocolate cereal milk will also be available to enjoy alongside the cookies, as well as specialty coffees such as Cookie Crisp cappuccinos, Lucky Charm lattes and Frosties flat whites.

For the festive season, the outlet will also have mince pie gift boxes, containing vanilla cookie cups filled with dried fruit mincemeat (priced at £10 for 4 to £48 for 18).

The Selfridges Birmingham concession marks the next stage in an exciting journey for Kristelle and Chelsie, who met through social media.

The pair went on to work together to cater for private events, with their cookies being such a massive hit that they became known as the Cookie Girls.

They knew they wanted to branch out on their own and it was a trip to New York that sealed the deal: they became obsessed American-style cookies and decided to bring them to the UK and open a milk and cookies bar.

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