Bon Jovi, Gender & Gun Slinging This Spring At The REP Birmingham

Bon Jovi, Gender & Gunslinging This spring At The REP Birmingham.

There’s some unmissable new theatre at Birmingham Repertory Theatre this Spring. With the modern jukebox musical comes a multitalented cast, orchestra, opulent sets, decadent costumes, extravagant routines, dramatic key changes and the odd hydraulic life or two. We’ve Got Each Other (23-27 April) has none of these things (they cost a lot of money) but Paul O’Donnell tries to create an all-singing, all dancing Bon Jovi spectacle using the powers of your imagination in his small but hugely entertaining one-man show.

Slowly but surely transgender characters and stories are appearing more regularly on stage. And Jon Brittain’s superb, Olivier award-winning, bittersweet comedy, Rotterdam (20 – 22 May), is one that’s leading the way. On New Year’s Eve in Rotterdam, Alice is about to come out as gay via email to her parents. But as her finger hovers over ‘send’, her long-term girlfriend Fiona reveals that she is transgender and wants to transition and live as
Adrian. The story that follows is one of gender identity and expression, sexuality and self-acceptance. But perhaps most of all, it is a story about love.

For the first time in the UK, the sons of Oscar-winning Milos Forman bring a spectacular cast to perform a breathtaking Wild West tale, Deadtown (27 – 29 June) using an extraordinary mixture of film, live action and magic. Expect exhilarating entertainment.

Tickets and info: 0121 236 4455
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