Smell Lush! Perfume Library arrives at Lush Birmingham

Lush Birmingham have opened The Perfume Library, a collection of fine fragrances from the Lush archives, new fragrances and books on perfumery.

The books on sale are there to inspire and share insight into perfumery, its history and its creation process. By selling them alongside the perfumes that were created over the years, each fragrance acts as a hallmark in Lush’s own perfume history and provides an insight into the expertise and creative process of Lush’s perfumery.

Alongside the current Perfume Library range, five Florence Collection perfumes will also be rolling out. These perfumes were previously only available at the Lush Perfume Library in Florence.

The Florence Collection

Sappho (£150 for 100ml)
Sophisticated Orris hugged by the warmth of vanilla and tonka and intertwined with the sensuality of carnal jasmine and a whisper of tobacco. Bittersweet and inescapable, this ode to a striking poetess, the Tenth Muse, will shake your senses and enchant your deep desires.

Nero (£125 for 100ml)
A classical portrait of the Princess of Nerola, her gloves delicately fragranced with the neroli that she’s thought to have named. Enter the Emperor Nero. Woody depths of petitgrain smoulder, and citrus notes of bergamot rise from the ashes, neglecting the burning city of Rome.

Confetti (£70 for 100ml)
The sugared almonds at an Italian wedding tell a story in three acts. Young love, the innocence of violet leaf. A sensual rose blooms as the relationship deepens, until the final chapter reveals the
lasting comfort of sandalwood oil.

Frangipani (£70 for 100ml)
The legacy (or myth) of the Marquis of Frangipani: a delicate dusting of sweet almond used to fragrance gloves. Across the ocean, a flower bearing a similar scent had not yet been discovered, but would eventually inherit the Frangipani name.

Fresh As (£50 for 100ml)
Grassy meadows and Siberian pines, the morning after heavy rain. Earthy orris serenely takes control of the urban landscape, leaving in its wake a renaissance floral garden.

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