Summer Hair Trends from Umberto Giannini Birmingham!

Ryan Drew, Technical Director at Umberto Giannini, Newall Street, Birmingham gives us the low down on the Summer hair trends

As the nights get lighter so does our hair, at this time of year we all look to using lighter shades in our makeup, clothes and hair. Now is the perfect time to push some brightness in your tresses.

Balayage was a trend that’s now become the norm, natural blended looks are easy way to take you lighter without changing your natural colour, always try and use the base of your natural colour to offer your look an enhancement not change. Adding these lighter and blended hues to your natural colour gives you the lighter more youthful feel to your hair and face. Blending the lightness higher or lower can give you subtle or more
daring versions of the same look. Think Cara Delevingne’s soft cool tones, to Jessica Alba’s rich brunette hues; balayage does not have to mean blonde.

Keeping the natural look can still be different. Why not add tone to
your natural base? Pink blushes and pearl tones can be added to blonde looks whilst rich ambers and rose blush tones to brunettes.

Lighter does not mean bleaching: subtle tones can be added to your summer look by using tints giving up 3 shades lighter, this is a much softer look and less damaging to your hair giving you a more sun kissed look.

Invest in your hair’s condition!

Shinier is better as the days get lighter and with increased sun damage from trips abroad a must invest-in product is UV protection. The effect of the sun can be very damaging to the moisture balance of both coloured and natural hair. Umberto Giannini Beach and Indulge products offer great protection and moisture balancing for this reason. Try twice a week using a mask on dry hair 30 minutes before you shower and feel the difference.

More than moisture tub

The natural pH of our hair is acidic. Over time this can change with lightening and hair colour add a gloss which can add shine and tone, this will neutralise the pH balance giving you back beautiful hair that was once dull and coarse. This also works great when your hair has been lightened by the sun and this gives you an opportunity to enhance or soften the results with the brightness and tone.

Beautiful honest colour looks are king this summer and styling is
no different. Lose the blow dry finishing and embrace the natural feel of your hair. Give your locks back some movement and try to disrupt the norms with some salt sprays, light mouse and an air dried feel as seen at London Fashion Week shows for SS19 from Lorenzo Serafini and Etra. For big nights our guide is be bold or go home. Try some gel to move hair away from the face and give a polished glass like sheen to the
top or your hair.

Social media trends are easy to copy but don’t necessarily suit everyone. Copying is not the point this season however making the best version of you should always look and feel right.

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