New Boldest Spiced Rum In The World Hits Derby

Stand aside sailors, pirates and sea monsters, the spiced rum category is about to be taken to a new level by the launch of Spice Hunter, the boldest spiced rum in the world.

Launching this month at the Revolucion De Cuba bar in Derby, Spice Hunter packs a bold flavour punch. 13 exotic spices are expertly blended with premium Mauritian rum from the Medine distillery, the oldest on the island (1926).

A bold recipe for success

To make a great spiced rum, you need two key ingredients; a great base rum and a great spice blend. The base rum is distilled on Mauritius from single-estate sugar cane and aged on the estate for a more complex and richer flavour.

The spice blend features 13 spices – more than any other spiced rum – including clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper and ginger, which are blended with our aged Mauritian rum to create the boldest spiced rum in the world.

The combination of spices and aged rum produces a bold yet balanced taste for a rum that doesn’t get lost in the mix. Intense notes of ginger, cloves and nutmeg give way to a lingering spicy finish.

The original spice hunter

 Spice Hunter takes its name and inspiration from 18th century botanist turned spice smuggler Pierre Poivre. Wounded whilst fighting the British, he recovered from losing an arm on the Dutch owned islands of Indonesia. Whilst there, he saw the abundance of nutmegs and cloves growing.

In a time where spices fetched more than gold, the Dutch were fiercely protective, and a death penalty was imposed on any ‘Spice Hunter’ attempting to steal them. Despite this, Pierre Poivre single handed-ly broke the Dutch monopoly, smuggling spices to start a botanical garden on his Mauritian homeland. His bold exploits could not be ignored and inspired the boldest spiced rum in the world.

Launch activities 

The Spice Hunter adventure starts with its launch partners at Revolución de Cuba. From April 2nd, Spice Hunter will be available nationwide at Revolución de Cuba’s 19 sites.

The launch campaign features Spice Hunter challenging drinkers to make a Bold Move. Testing their bold credentials, there will be chances to win a range of prizes along the way. Look to Spice Hunter social media for when the team will be in a venue near you.

Challenging spiced rum drinkers

 Jack Denley, Brands Executive for Spice Hunter, said: “We’re hugely excited to bring Spice Hunter to the UK market. This is a rum that doesn’t get lost in the mix and challenges you to make a bold move. With its 13 exotic spices and aged Mauritian rum, Spice Hunter is designed for the modern drinker; complex, approachable and undeniably bold.”

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