Dong Dong Merrily On High – Pizzastorm’s Christmas Pizza Is Here.

Dong Dong Merrily On High – Pizzastorm's Christmas Pizza Is Here.

Last week marked the launch of PizzaStorm’s limited edition Christmas pizza in Nottingham. A true celebration of the festive season, this pizza combines a number of flavours synonymous with the festive season – and yes, sprouts do make an appearance.

Designed and tested by PizzaStorm’s in-house chef, this one-of-a-kind creation features PizzaStorm’s classic sourdough base which is enrobed in decadent white sauce and mozzarella, before pulled turkey breast, roast potatoes, cheddar, smoked bacon and seared sprouts are generously scattered on top and finished with a pot of cranberry sauce on the side. Perfect for those wishing to take a well-earned rest from their Christmas shopping, for students wishing to grab a festive bite between lectures, offices wishing to add some Christmas cheer to their lunch break and even those wishing to celebrate their Christmas parties* in style.

Pizzastorm’s in-house chef, Chris Colmer, said: “Christmas is one of the culinary highlights of the year and we wanted this pizza to be a true celebration of the festive period. Our pizza last year was a great hit and this year we wanted it to be even better.”

Paul Reynolds, PizzaStorm Director said, “This year we’ve created a pizza that we think our customers will love. We deliberated over the sprouts for some time but decided that they were such a key part of Christmas, they had to be included!”

*PizzaStorm’s Christmas party offer includes unlimited pizza for 1.5 hours and two free drinks for £15 per person when you pre-book.

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