Bohemian Rhapsody! Fabulous Festival Style

One of the best things about festival fashion is the literally anything goes attitude, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave your style sense at home. Do as the celebrities do and go for laid-back chic … HARVEY NICHOLS BIRMINGHAM shows you how.

It’s not all about mud, sweat and tears … there’s more to festival style than simply shoving a pac-a-mac into a rucksack and heading off into the wild. From catwalk-inspired tie-dye to slogan tees, it’s a look that may scream “effortless”, but that certainly doesn’t mean you don’t need to put the effort in. So whether it’s the classical chic of Glyndebourne or the “I’m-with-the-band” vibe of the Glastonbury girl, here’s everything you need to take centre stage this summer. Right down to the wellies. Burberry, obvs.

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