Having just launched her debut collection with Lipsy London, Abbey Clancy talks through her style inspiration, top tips to looking and feeling stylish as well as letting us all in to a few of her beauty secrets!


“Don’t just follow trends – stick to what suits you rather than what you think you should be wearing because everyone else is. Everybody is different!”

 Abbey recommends that rather than splurging on season-specific trend pieces, which have no guarantee of being long-term, you should buy classic pieces that can take you through different seasons and have a much longer style lifetime. Embrace your individuality, just because something is ‘on-trend’ doesn’t mean you should conform to it.

“Invest in classic pieces like a blazer, a biker jacket, a good pair of black boots or a handbag.

Investing in classic pieces is a much better financial investment. Items such as a biker jacket, black boots and a blazer are necessities for your capsule wardrobe and are worth spending more on so that they last the test of time.

When it comes to choosing clothes that make you feel empowered and like you can take on the world Abbey recommends “A tailored sharp power suit! My Lipsy London black tux suit is perfect for this.”

And when it comes to colours that make her feel happy and fabulous, she says it’s all about “Black or nude! They’re my go to tones for feeling confident.” 


“I like that off-duty model look”

Abbey, is a huge fan of Kate Moss and Rosie Huntington-Whitely but loves that off-duty casual style which is often rocked by some of the Victoria’s Secret models when they are travelling or enjoying themselves at a festival when they aren’t working.

“I do need some daytime pieces that women can wear for Sunday lunch or go for a walk in the park with the kids in, it’s important to get a balance.”

 Busy mum-of-three and businesswoman Abbey, knows that whilst it’s important to feel glamorous and get dressed up to go out, it’s all about balance.


For when she’s on the move or off on holiday, Abbey is always keen to use products that hydrate her skin after a long flight and recommends “these amazing face masks by Patchology, they hydrate the skin and are amazing for after flying. I like Skinceuticals ce ferulic serum as well.”

 For long lasting coverage with makeup Abbey swears that “mineral powders are always good, they stay on and you get good coverage and it also gives you that nice skin look rather than too much make up. You don’t have to keep topping up.”

 “A good booster for me is having a pamper night, I’ll take a nice bath, get my tan on, treatment in my hair and get an early night.”

 If you are in need of a self-esteem boost, there is nothing quite like a pamper night to sort you out recommends Abbey.

Abbey Clancy’s X Lipsy Collection is available at The Fort Shopping Park


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