The 5 Essential Womenswear Items For Autumn/Winter 2020

M&S Collection Aviator £69.00, The Shirt Dress £39.50, Boots £65.00. Image Marks & Spencer

If the mere mention of new season fashion leaves you downhearted that you’ll be ‘all dressed up with nowhere to go’ then prepare to be welcomed into the world of autumnal colours and effortless styles – whether you’re stepping up your working from home wardrobe, or revamping your look.

This year is like no other, and M&S has embraced everyday style trends to lift us up and out of the doldrums while wrapping us in soft and cosy fabrics.

But what are the latest trends to look out for? Here to help us is Natalie Rouse, Deputy Store Manager, at M&S Giltbrook, Giltbrook Retail Park, Nottingham.

Q: What are the fashion trends for autumn / winter?

This season is all about quality ‘hero’ items which can be dressed up or down as needed, offer that much needed flexibility, give a lift to an existing outfit or provide that touch of inspiration to build a new look around a key piece of clothing.

Think layers, layers, layers for autumn trends. Put a statement piece like a chunky cardigan (from £25) with boyfriend fit jeans (£35) to create a more relaxed silhouette. Oversized jackets and coats will be essential for autumn and can take you through to winter – our M&S collection aviator style jacket (£69) features a new berry colour which is all the rage this autumn and the teddy coats (£59) are a must.

Q: What colours are in fashion for autumn / winter?

I am really enjoying the autumnal colours this year – from berry to blues and soft greys, and earthy, muted browns like ochre and terracotta – all very warm for the colder months ahead.

And we’re also seeing a great selection of different textures from wool to leather, corduroy and silk, which is perfect when you want to mix and match different pieces for different styles.

M&S Collection Pea Coat £79.00, Floral Blouse £29.50, Ivy Jeans £25.00. Image Marks & Spencer

M&S Collection Pea Coat £79.00, Floral Blouse £29.50, Ivy Jeans £25.00. Image Marks & Spencer

Q: How can I look stylish every day?

Come and see us at M&S Giltbrook! Or why not take advantage of our fantastic Click and Collect and next day delivery service? I’d recommend using a statement piece or one or two of the key ‘hero’ pieces I mentioned earlier and building around that. You could try a great pair of high-waisted jeans (from £25) with an oversized coat, or our ruffled polka dot dress (£29.50) with some chunky ankle boots (from £35). Our range of footwear this season is incredible, and what better way to put the finishing touches to an outfit than stylish Chelsea boots (£49.50) – ankle boots have come back in a big way this year.

Q: What can I wear working from home?

Whatever feels comfortable. Don’t underestimate the way good quality clothes can lift the spirits – I think we all need a bit of that at the moment. Our range of women’s knitwear and denim has something for everyone, keeping you looking stylish while relaxing at home or working.

The M&S Instagram account, @marksandspencer, is perfect for a touch of inspiration – and it will guide you straight through to the online store where our latest clothing inspirations are ready to browse.

M&S Collection Geometric Midi Dress £39.50, Belted Coat £99.00, Boots £49.50. Image Marks & Spencer

M&S Collection Geometric Midi Dress £39.50, Belted Coat £99.00, Boots £49.50. Image Marks & Spencer

Natalie’s top 5 ‘Must-Have’ pieces available now at M&S Giltbrook:

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