West Midlander’s Style Influenced By Where They Live

Nearly half of the British population (43%) say that where they live impacts the styling choices they make and fashion trends they follow, with as many as a third of young people (18-24) confident they could pinpoint where someone is from, based solely on their wardrobe choices.

It seems that your typical West Midlands guy will want to make a statement with his fashion choices and will typically opt for pastel chino shorts, a Hawaiian shirt and a pair a suede trainers. Meanwhile, the women are also keen to stand out with a floral wrap dress and white trainers.

Revealed by online personalised styling service, Stitch Fix, to determine whether style preferences vary between counties throughout the UK, the fashion-tech company has unveiled new data showing that how Brits dress is hugely influenced by where they live.

Regarding those living in the West Midlands, the survey found:

  • 60% feel their friends have a huge impact on the fashion trends they follow, with 42% stating newspapers and magazines also impact the garments they purchase
  • Two fifths (41%) of Brits in the West Midlands believe Londoners have the most easily identifiable style when it comes to their fashion choices
  • 53% confirm that the wardrobes of people in reality TV series such as Made In Chelsea, The Only Way Is Essex and Geordie Shore impacts their perception of how people in those areas dress
  • Almost half (43%) of those living in the West Midlands state where they live impacts the fashion trends they follow
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