Cracking Good Easter Eggs for 2019

There is no need to go hunting this year as we’ve got Easter cracked this year with our top picks of this years Easter Eggs.


Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons Small Easter Egg,
£1.00 from Sainsbury’s

Terry’s Chocolate Orange Easter Egg,
£4.00 from Tesco

Nestle Quality Street Chocolate Egg
£5.00 from Waitrose

Aero Bubbles Medium Easter Egg
£1.50 from Morrisons

Maltesers Buttons Easter Egg, 
£6.00 from Tesco

Bounty Chocolate Egg,
£8.00 from Tesco

Smarties Easter Egg
£4.00 from Morrisons

Celebrations Chocolate Large Easter Egg
£3.00 from ASDA


Milk Chocolate Bunny Easter Egg
£4 from Thorntons

Strawberry Easter Egg (Vegan)
£29.99 from Melt

Marble Easter Egg
£15.00 from Waitrose

Dragon Egg
£6.00 from Morrisons

by Sainsbury’s Pick n Mix Egg
£4.00 from Sainsbury’s

Soft Boiled Easter Egg – White Chocolate
£10.00 from Hotel Chocolat

Godiva Dark Chocolate Bunny
£4.00 from Sainsbury’s

Moonbeam The Unicorn,
£5.00 from M&S Food

Jazzie Egg,
£4.00 from M&S Food


Hard Boiled Easter Egg – Mint Chocolate
£15.00 from Hotel Chocolat

Centenary Easty Egg
£29.95 from Bettys

Extra-Thick Easter Egg – Patisserie
£27 from Hotel Chocolat

Proseggo Egg
£5.00 from M&S Food

Hand Decorated Belgian Milk Chocolate Colosseum Egg
£15.00 from M&S Food

Hand Decorated Single Origin Dark Chocolate Feather Egg
£15.00 from M&S Food

Hand-painted Chick Egg
£85.00 from Fortnum & Mason

Egg with Legs
£50.00 from Harvey Nichols

Almond sea salt caramel truffles large egg
£32.00 from Selfridges

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