Return of the Mac! Interview with Danny Mac

In a fit of festive escapism, Curve theatre is turning up the nostalgia dials
to over-load this Christmas, reuniting old acquaintances and welcoming
some new ones in from the cold with its production of Irving Berlin’s White Christmas.

Top of the tree is ex Hollyoaks heart throb and Strictly Come Dancing dish Danny Mac. We caught up with him to find out if he’s really Dreaming of a White Christmas.

You’re becoming a bit of a local now; this is your third production with Curve isn’t it?

I know it’s been years. It’s mad because there were a few options on the table and I’m in such a fortunate position that things do crop up, but this show was one of those things hovering about, and the thing is with Curve is that it’s such a fantastic theatre and I’ve never had anything but an excellent time there. And I don’t just mean in terms of fun and stuff, it’s just the quality of work that they produce and the nature of that building, everyone is just lovely including the audiences that come.

If it had been a recast of White Christmas from last year then I probably would’ve said no straight away but after the work, I’d done on Sunset Boulevard with Nikolai Foster (Artistic Director at Curve) the opportunity to work with him again on an all new production of a classic show was unmissable.

So, tell me about White Christmas. You’re playing Bob Wallace in the show and that means you’ve got the really big, Bing Crosby number.

Yeah pressure! The good thing is I get that pretty much out the way right at the beginning and then it kind of comes back in as a big number right at the end so there’s not like any huge build up to it. They come, and they get what they want straight away.

Have you started practising with your cardigan and your pipe?

Not yet. I daren’t ever try and make too many bold decisions before I meet Nikolai because, he may want to do something completely different but I’m just starting to really dig into the script now and do some ground work. The script is beautiful, but I’ve never seen a production of it and I’m really trying to avoid the movie until I speak to Nikolai, he may want us to have a feel of it so that we have a feel of what people are expecting but at the same time I will have to make my own decisions first and then I’ll watch it afterwards.

You’re going to be in Leicester for all of the festive period, are you planning on racing home Christmas Eve straight after the matinee?

I will be. I will be racing straight back down to the South Coast. I’ve got three siblings and all of us and our partners are spending it together this year- this is the year when we all come together as a family.

So a White Christmas is the last thing you want really!

Yes, of course, Oh I never even gave that a thought! I’ll find a way
I’m sure. Can’t miss Christmas!

For more information and to buy tickets, visit, or call 0116 242 3595
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