Ok let’s start this review very simply. We loved Legally Blonde at Curve. In fact there are not enough words to describe how much we loved Legally Blonde at Curve. As a theatre Curve have well and truly mastered the musical genre but Legally Blonde is the first musical production under the helm of Artistic Director Nikolai Foster and Chief Executive Chris Stafford. It’s fair to say then that the pressure has been on to make sure that Legally Blonde not only builds on the success of former Curve triumphs such as Gypsy and Hairspray, but that it surpasses them. Thankfully we’re thrilled to say that it does.

The perfectly pink stage, designed by Matthew Wright and dynamically lit by Ben Cracknell, plays host to a cast that deliver high energy humour alongside some killer choreography (Nick Winston) The songs from Legally Blonde are insanely catchy and vocals from company and principals hits the high note! Lucie Jones, as Elle, (who we identified with far too much for comfort) delivers perfect comic timing and has a stunning voice. Jon Robyns is adorable as Emett, Tupele Dorgu steals more than a scene or two as Paulette whilst Danny Mac’s Warner and Ian Kelsey’s Callahan are suitably villainous – at one stage I nearly booed!

Perfect ‘feel good’ theatre, Legally Blonde will have you laughing, singing and saying OMG you guys whilst shopping for Chihuahuas; oh yes there are adorable dogs in the show too. We told you it was perfect!

Legally Blonde The Musical is at Curve until the 14th May. Book online at

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