PPL PRS Help Put the Bounce into Leicester Basketball

PPL PRS, ran a competition, in conjunction with the basketball team, for its employees to suggest a song to be played during the Leicester Riders‘ Basketball matches.

From a large list of entries, Leicester Riders chose the submission by Corporate New Business Adviser, Neil Drage, who had suggested a track by his own Leicester-based band, The Midnight Dogs, called ‘Let’s Go’. The judges were delighted to find out after choosing the winning track that it was by a local band!

Clips of the track will be played during games throughout the season, along with the many regular favourites such as We Will Rock You by Queen and Slam Dunk the Funk by Five.

Rachel Callis, Head of Ticketing and Engagement on why they chose the track said: “The track just had that beat that really dropped in and grabbed us and we felt this would be great to get the crowd going during a game. It’s good to find out that the band are Leicester based as well, a real sign of Leicester music and sport supporting each other.”

Neil Drage, who is the drummer for The Midnight Dogs said: “We’re delighted that our track ‘Let’s Go’ has been chosen to be played at Leicester Riders’ home games. As a Leicester band who have built our reputation on high energy performances, it’s great that we’ll be getting a different crowd going at another fast-paced night of entertainment in Leicester. Let’s Go Riders!

PPL PRS recently announced their sponsorship of the current League Champions for the 2019/20 season and look forward to another successful year for the team.

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