Radio-Active! Do You Listen To The Radio At Work?

Listening to music while you work is not a new thing, going back to the 1940s there was a dedicated BBC radio show for factory workers, called Music While You Work. Even then music was recognised for helping you through your working day.

These days, although many people are listening to music via their own devices such as smartphones, the latest Rajar figures show that 22% of people are still listening to the radio at work! In fact, approximately 2 million more people in the UK listen to the radio now than they did 10
years ago, with the average listener tuning in for over 20 hours per week. 1 It is probably no surprise that music can make workers more motivated. A survey of more than 4,500 people found that 79% were more productive at work when listening to music.5 It is also believed that music enhances creativity and can help to develop new ideas.

Having this added energy in the workplace can help to achieve our goals make us feel more upbeat as a result. It can also help to relax the mind and help to make staff feel more focussed and concentrated. And don’t just take our word for it, Pablo Ettinger, co-founder of Caffe Nero says of playing music to help motivate staff: ‘Later in the evening we play much more upbeat music when staff are clearing because it makes them feel good. In the morning before the customers get there we try and play something that’s more upbeat as well when staff are getting going in the

Workplaces which play the radio (or any music) will usually need TheMusicLicence. If you are listening at work without a licence, don’t panic! You can arrange a licence easily through PPL PRS.

After PPL PRS’s operating costs, the money you pay for your licence goes back to the artists you listen to every day. And not just the global superstars. It also goes to the session musicians, the up and coming bands who play in your local pub, the unknown song writers who work in the background on tracks you love.

TheMusicLicence is the only licence that allows you to legally listen to over 3 million tracks, via your devices, CDs, the radio and the TV. Without TheMusicLicence you would literally have to contact the rights owners of each song to get permission to play it. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for TheMusicLicence today and put the beat back into your business.


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