Seasonal Styles To ‘WOW’ At Every Party

The festive season is well underway, bringing with it a busy calendar of Christmas work parties, family get togethers and New Year celebrations.

At Rush Hair Leicester, the team have been busy creating lots of glamorous hair styles for their customers – here are three of their festive favourites.

Swinging-sixties braid

Plaits are a tried and tested style for many, but if you want to elevate your look, put some volume into a French braid and create a sixties-inspired ‘beehive’ plait.

Begin at the top of your hair by lightly backcombing a three-inch section of the hair from the centre to the front of the crown- lightly comb back to and fix in place with hairspray and grips if needed

Next, start a simple plait by dividing your hair at the top of your head into three sections and crossing them over. Take small, horizontal sections from either side and add them into the main plait, making sure to cross over in the middle.

Repeat until all of your hair is plaited and then secure it together with a clear band for a sleek finish. Add your own personal touch with a statement accessory such as embellished hair slide, or a silk ribbon band, for a festive twist.

Make waves with curls

Curls are and always will be a Hollywood classic that brings an essence of glamour and silver screen romance to your festive party look.

Start by towel-drying your freshly washed hair and apply styling spray. We recommend the heat activated L’Oréal Professionnel’s Tecni ART Pli Shaper spray (stocked in your local Rush Hair salon). This spray locks in essential moisture and helps create a bouncy texture with a glossy sheen.

After this, blow dry your hair with volume to create movement, then begin wrapping small sections around a large-barreled heating tong. Twist in a vertical motion towards you and hold for 20 seconds. Once you’re happy, spray with L’Oréal Professionnel’s Beach Waves, and tussle the curls with your fingers for the big finish.

Wrapped up tight

For a chic, high fashion style, why not try a simple knot up do? First, use your favourite hairspray and backcomb the hair at the crown to create volume, then secure it at the back of your head with grips.

Next, take two sections of hair from either side of the front – leaving some loose to delicately frame the face – and bring to the back of your head. Tie both sections in a single or double knot and set in place with pins.

Repeat with two more sections and knot again, integrating the tails leftover from the previous knots. Continue this again until all of your hair is used, then hold tightly in place with stylish band or grips. If you have any more tails, tuck and pin in place until you have a subtle, mystique look.

Whether you’re preparing for a spectacular evening or just want to change up your style, the expert team at Rush Hair can help. They have salons across the Midlands, including Leicester, Nottingham and Birmingham.

Visit or call 0116 298 6122 to arrange your appointment at Rush Hair Leicester, or head online to find details of your nearest salon, at

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