3 Potential Health Benefits of CBD That May Surprise You

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CBD is one of the primary active compounds found in cannabis. Unlike THC, the molecule known for producing the “high” in marijuana, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound. Many people are turning to CBD due to its reported health benefits, and some research has begun to show it might be an effective way to mitigate symptoms of chronic pain or epilepsy. Now that CBD use is becoming more widespread, many people have reported some surprising potential benefits of CBD supplements. Read on to find out more about these.

It Might Energise You

Your body produces cannabinoids naturally, which bind to cannabinoid receptors located throughout your system. Some research has suggested that these could play a role in keeping your energy levels balanced and in rest and recovery.

Advocates of CBD supplementation argue that you can increase your energy levels by stimulating these receptors using CBD products. While there is little conclusive scientific evidence to show why this might be the case, it is possible that your energy levels could be enhanced using the cannabinoid by improving how your body rests and recovers.

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It Could Alleviate Anxiety and Improve Sleep

The effect of CBD supplementation on stress and anxiety has been widely reported by those that take the cannabinoid. Many argue that taking the supplement regularly has helped them manage their social anxiety or general anxiety disorders.

What may be surprising about this is the effect that managing such symptoms can have on sleep and how this can help build healthy cycles and routines.

When treating mental health conditions like anxiety, it has been scientifically proven that getting enough sleep and keeping a consistent routine play a vital role in mitigating symptoms. Those who use CBD to manage their anxiety sometimes report that it has helped them build healthy and sustainable habits by improving their sleeping patterns.

CBD Could Impact Cardiovascular Health

Some studies have suggested that CBD could be a valuable tool for reducing blood pressure and benefit overall cardiovascular health. Cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of ill-health and death among adults in the UK, so finding novel ways of treating the condition is a high priority.

Advocates for CBD supplementation argue that due to the reported stress-relieving properties of the molecule, it may help reduce blood pressure. Therefore, for those that are at risk of cardiovascular disease or simply wish to take precautions to preserve their health in the future, CBD could be an effective tool.


Overall, with the more widespread use of CBD in the UK, an increasing number of people are reporting surprising ways that it has helped them. Much of the evidence supporting this is anecdotal. However, if you regularly feel fatigued, anxious or wish to preserve your cardiovascular health, CBD supplementation could help you to improve your quality of life.

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